Sunday, October 20, 2019
This weekend's music thread is about going off the rails, getting flagged for it and arriving at just desserts.
Despite All His Troubles Trump is Still Likely to Win Reelection….here’s an example of a case that is being made……. Whats at the...
Barr claims that because of an unreviewed internal department memo, no President can be prosecuted for any crime but fails to offer a suggestion about how to "interfere" with a pattern of criminality that embeds itself and cyclically worsens.
The 4th Democratic debate takes place tonight in Ohio and as usual, PlanetPOV will be hosting a live chat to accompany it. Everyone is invited to join in and share their thoughts throughout the debate.
Whether or not Trump actually believes that it is moral and ethical to interfere in the elections of foreign countries, or invite them to interfere in ours, it is a crime.

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  • Kalima-Short Posts:Another defeat for bojo. A defeat for the alt-right rooted Brexit. Glorious! — People’s Vote march: from every corner of the land they came, to join a very British rebellion in the rain They were charity assistants, health professionals, teachers and parents … all demanding a final say in their future
  • Kalima-Short Posts:
  • Kalima-Short Posts:He was always weak. He was always a liar. He was always a crook. He was always a loser. — Trump’s season of weakness: A president who prizes strength enters key stretch in a fragile state
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Amazingly stupid. We’ve got the goods on video and trump can’t fire him because no one else wants the job.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:It wouldn’t surprise me at all. A spoiler? From what I’ve heard, she’s not even that popular in Hawaii. — Hillary Clinton Appears to Claim Russians ‘Grooming’ Tulsi Gabbard to Run as Third-Party Candidate — Campaign HQ with David Plouffe - Hillary Clinton
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Absolutely. I hope the reporters stay on it and push these stories vigorously. There is so much more out there to sicken us that is disgusting and appalling, but eventually it will come out.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:The thing that knocked me sideways was the fact that he was proud enough to show it. The final meltdown will be public. Get your hazmat suits ready.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:There are too few politicians like him. He worked to the end from his hospice bed signing subpoenas. Amazing human being. May he rest in peace.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Yes I remember this. An honourable man who fought for justice all through his fine political career. His fight for the truth will be missed and hard to follow. A great loss. His legacy will live on.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:Shredded I hope.


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