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Posted by Caru On May - 5 - 2011 44 COMMENTS

A little nugget of Anglo-Irish history.

Posted by Kalima On Mar - 18 - 2011 20 COMMENTS

Thanks to AlphaBitch, a wonderful gift was sent to me through an email this week, it brought tears of joy to my eyes, it healed a gaping hole in my heart and soul, it has become a treasure to me, the kind words expressed will always remain with me, I […]

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 9 - 2011 76 COMMENTS
caketopper 2

As landmark wedding anniversaries arise, the husbands’ thoughts may turn nostalgically to the amount of hair they had in their wedding photos, the lovingly polished shotgun in the bride’s father’s hands during the vows or how high the Chicken Cordon Bleu at the reception bounced if you threw it really […]

Posted by 2ndClassCitizenPundit On Feb - 22 - 2011 36 COMMENTS

That word doesn’t mean what you think it means. But that’s okay, it can’t be offended by you, because it’s dead.

Posted by 2ndClassCitizenPundit On Feb - 17 - 2011 20 COMMENTS

When I went to find my sister’s grave, I didn’t expect tot get a lesson in my family’s dysfunction.

Posted by whatsthatsound On Feb - 15 - 2011 81 COMMENTS
endless embrace

Well, I missed Valentine’s Day by a bit, but here is some poetry and artwork of mine on the theme of eternal love. More specifically, both song and image were inspired by an archeological discovery a few years back in Italy, wonderfully ironically not far from the village where Romeo […]

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 8 - 2011 892 COMMENTS

Breaking up with a blog site is hard to do.

Posted by Questinia On Jan - 10 - 2011 40 COMMENTS

Dazed, I turned only to see said chorus approaching, grinning, with one of them rapping the words “Slam Slam Cinderella.” To add to the surreal quality of the event: I didn’t feel humiliated.

Posted by Kalima On Jan - 4 - 2011 27 COMMENTS

Confronted with writing a worthy post, this is me above. So I just rolled up my sleeves for a person I’ve grown to respect and love. I’m in and out fighting time zones across the miles, When I login, there you are, and I’m all smiles. Your energy and enthusiasm […]

Posted by Chernynkaya On Dec - 20 - 2010 30 COMMENTS

Three phases of my life (so far) as represented by the foods I ate.

Posted by SueInCa On Oct - 9 - 2010 48 COMMENTS

I am writing this post to fulfill a promise I made to Kes awhile ago, but I think it will be interesting to a few.  Sometime back in the early 1980’s I was sitting in my office chatting with an employee when I got a Code 10 call.  A code 10 […]

Posted by bito On Jun - 19 - 2010 27 COMMENTS

Happy Fathers Day, Dad. The day is here.  What memories do you have of this day?  Do you remember a kindness that you and your father shared?  A secret you cherished, one your siblings did not know?  An ice cream cone he bought you?  Playing catch?  Your Dad meeting your […]

Posted by Questinia On May - 21 - 2010 110 COMMENTS

The Huffington Post has gone Vegas. It has instituted a clever way to have commenters engage in what can only be seen as a form of slot machine gambling.  I noticed this  after learning HP had started some kind of  “badges” system.  I visited the site and saw a curious […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Apr - 17 - 2010 40 COMMENTS

I came across a site that contained a test Harvard created for a study which tries to measure your conscious and even subconscious biases. The have bias tests for race like black and white, ethnicity, religiosity, gender preference, sexuality, disability, age, weight, weapons and ever your preference towards President Obama. […]

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 8 - 2010 56 COMMENTS

As the title alludes to, I believe that the most constructive path in blogging is Zen-like, IMO, it is best and most considerate to accept the opinions and blogging of colleagues as being what they are and never take them personally. And I like to keep my motorcycle running too. […]

Posted by javaz On Mar - 3 - 2010 45 COMMENTS

This morning as I was watching last night’s Craig Ferguson Show that we tape since we can’t stay up that late, his monologue struck a chord with me. He stated that he’s been feeling rather depressed lately, and I have to admit that so have I, and I wonder if […]

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