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Posted by AdLib On Mar - 15 - 2018 1 COMMENT
trump jr - Vanessa

Getting divorced from a Trump is becoming a frequent enough international event to soon qualify as an Olympic sport. In the meantime, it remains a popular pastime in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and “Starbutts” gentlemen’s clubs.

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 17 - 2018 3 COMMENTS
fast motion

In the Trump era, time runs faster. That can be a good or bad thing. The sooner Trump’s four years are over will be a massive relief to most Americans and people around the world. However, as days and weeks speed by, many events that would haunt a politician to his grave are too quickly forgotten.

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 2 - 2016 14 COMMENTS

Before we can Make America Great Again, we need to Make Americans Great Again and the first step in doing that is for Republicans to openly recognize and end their abusive relationship with Donald Trump.

Posted by sillylittleme On Aug - 28 - 2014 14 COMMENTS
market basket strong

As a lifelong MA resident, I was mightily impacted by the recent battle over control of the revered Market Basket grocery chain. First thing this morning I went into my local Market Basket. The shelves are empty, they were stocking dry foods. The produce section is bare. There were three steaks in the case.

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Jun - 24 - 2014 45 COMMENTS
Texas Gay

GOP strategists, studying the demographics, know that their future lies with moderate GOPers, independents, and Blue Dog Democrats who aren’t anti-gay but a lot of their base definitely is.

Categories: Gay Rights, GOP, Relationships
Posted by Beatriz09 On Jun - 19 - 2014 36 COMMENTS

Unfortunately, Republicans often ONLY focus on what’s happening at their own breakfast table, and seem to be incapable to concentrate on any kind of injustice, as soon as it’s their NEIGHBOR, rather than a family member, who’s suffering from it.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 2 - 2014 292 COMMENTS
HP Divorce

Not only has HP now refused to dance with the one who brought them to the party, they are jumping into Mark Zuckerberg’s Ferrari and waving back at their community with a champagne glass in hand as they speed away.

Posted by Nirek On Apr - 11 - 2014 13 COMMENTS

My point is that war does things to you and to some people it does something different. Tom and some others enjoyed it. He would have gone back again if they had not identified his mental health problem and treated him.

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 23 - 2013 51 COMMENTS

Ironically, Americans watch and enjoy classic Christmas movies that strongly indict the materialism Americans are focused on during much of the Christmas season.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 16 - 2012 47 COMMENTS

This Sunday is Father’s Day so this weekend’s music theme is about celebrating and remembering our fathers.

Posted by SallyT On Nov - 16 - 2011 27 COMMENTS

Married to someone with a childhood so terrible, he blocked it out for years.

Posted by ADONAI On Aug - 2 - 2011 40 COMMENTS

      It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right. ~Henry David Thoreau   Love, friendship and respect do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something. ~Anton Chekhov       I’d like to discuss something […]

Posted by ADONAI On Jul - 21 - 2011 40 COMMENTS

      A good portion of speaking will consist in knowing how to lie. ~Desiderius Erasmus Welcome back to a new chapter of Exploring Morality. In this chapter we will be discussing truth, lies, and deception. A complex subject full of grey areas. Again I will try to keep […]

Posted by Marion On Jun - 26 - 2011 5 COMMENTS

We are the United States of Shallow Americans. We obsess over the nuance in a phrase or a word and are distracted by the most inane things, thus allowing the sheisters and idealogues, whom we reckon good enough to govern us, free rein to rape and pillage our way of […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On Jun - 19 - 2011 4 COMMENTS

Today is Father’s day and I wish to honor my father, Gene, who left this world 9 years ago at the age of 75. My father was not perfect, by no means, but I have come to realize, what an awesome man he really was and how lucky my siblings […]

Posted by Abbyrose86 On May - 23 - 2011 42 COMMENTS

This weekend something happened in my life  that I was NOT prepared for; didn’t expect and has shaken some of my beliefs to the very core and at the same time reinforced other beliefs. This weekend my family, friends and I were intimately reacquainted and were REMINDED about the fragility, […]

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