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Posted by AdLib On Sep - 18 - 2012 97 COMMENTS

PlanetPOV has gotten its hands on an exclusive new clip from the just released video of Mitt Romney’s private fundraising meeting!

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 20 - 2011 52 COMMENTS

As this video shows, there is only one magical cure for all that ails America and Americans…tax cuts!

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 14 - 2011 162 COMMENTS
Snapshot - 3

Watch President Obama and Sarah Palin go toe to toe with each other in their first debate!

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 18 - 2010 54 COMMENTS

BREAKING NEWS!!! Just in! The Planet has just received this startling footage of a Tea Party rally where they have turned on their candidate for Senate in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell after revelations that she admitted to being a witch! On Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher showed footage from an […]

Categories: Elections, GOP, Humor, POV Videos
Posted by AdLib On Feb - 16 - 2010 59 COMMENTS

Sarah Palin comes out on Larry King against the teaching of gravity in our classrooms and for the teaching of Intelligent Denial:

Categories: Humor, POV Videos
Posted by AdLib On Aug - 20 - 2009 9 COMMENTS

Republican insanity and naked lust for power…with a beat! As disgusting as the right wing claims and frothing at the mouth is, it is even more ridiculous when sung. Check it out!

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 22 - 2009 3 COMMENTS
Posted by AdLib On Jun - 3 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
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