This weekend's music thread is about talk, whispers, cries, singing and any other way of verbally communicating...especially if it leads to an impeachment of Trump!
Your rich uncle gives you a beautiful, warm, but isolated tropical island but you have to promise to stay there for 5 years and you can take a limited amount of possessions. Items you can take? Just 3 albums/CD’s . What are your picks
Happy Easter to all! While you were sleeping all snug in your beds last night, The Easter Planet was hiding political Easter eggs in this article. Following are anagrams of the names of people in the news we've written about at...
We share with you now the Halloween costumes of the Trump team, as they enjoy one last treat before their tricks send them all into the same orange jumpsuit costumes next Halloween.
AdLib : Night all, have a great weekend! AdLib : Murph, so true. The RW nutjobs have so overcommitted to this strategy of demonizing Obama that they have nowhere to go but this insanity. They are so over now. MurphTheSurf3 :...
This weekend's music thread is a celebration of Woodstock's 50th anniversary. Whether they're songs about peace, love, war, protest or songs that are just reflective of those times, share your faves from the late 60's and early 70's.
Good morning everyone! I hope that when and if you have the time, MB will be the place for you to catch up with friends before you leave for work or start your new day. A place to...
This is the beginning of the end for Trump whether he recognizes it or not. So this weekend's music thread is about endings and beginnings, just starting out or being impeached like hell.
This weekend’s music thread is calling out the whitewashing and black redactions of truths by recognizing our true colors. Songs with colors in the titles or songs are on this weekend's musical palette
Happy 2nd Anniversary to all of our fellow Planeteers! Yep, PlanetPOV's been in orbit for two years now and you can help The Planet kick off its 3rd year with a bang by supporting our donation and membership drive!