To those new here we have been doing different classifications of musical instruments. It always ends up a very eclectic mixture of music. Join us!
Friday night music thread, Dylan, Byrds, Whitmark tapes,Donovan,Dandy Warhols, Frank Sinatra, Elvis
I was going though some of the posts on the Planet today and looking at the “meta tags” and “excerpts” “categories, and “hyperlinks” which all generate traffic to your posts and to the site.  These little buggers are what...
Happy New Year to Everyone at The Planet 2010-2011
Friday Night Music Thread---Strings and Twine are not the Same Thing.
The “Oldies But Goodies” Friday night at PPOV post last week got me recollecting about a neat thing that happened this summer. It was something that showed me how music can speak through the generations – when you least...
This weekend's music thread is about talk, whispers, cries, singing and any other way of verbally communicating...especially if it leads to an impeachment of Trump!
Image by Getty Images via @daylife The Planet has had an outstanding week of posts, visits and all around good work by all. Let’s first congratulate the magnificent job from our fearless leader,AdLib, for his post: EXCLUSIVE: Republican Tea...