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This weekend's music thread is soaring on the currents of good news, songs about flying, the sky and everything in it. Whether its birds, planes, the moon, the sun, if it's a song about or with lyrics about flying, bring those songs into a landing on this weekend's thread!
Doing what we can to toss an anvil to a drowning Trump, this weekend's music thread is about jams that slam Trump. Share songs with titles that describe who and what Trump is and if you're lucky, you may get famous after he accuses you of also founding ISIS!
Pick your favorite tunes that are about being welcome and welcoming others. Post songs about love, friendship, feeling good, family and togetherness. Have fun and don't forget to smile while you're at it.
This weekend's music thread is about directions, whether it's north or south, from here to there, up or as with Trump, down.
In his weekly press conference June 25, 2014, House Speaker John Boehner confirmed that he will initiate a lawsuit on behalf of the House against President Obama over the administration’s use of executive actions. Boehner asserted: "This is about defending...
Post your most personal, favorite songs that represent any or all of our higher ideals.
In support of the brave Dr. Ford, personally risking so much to warn the nation about a sexual abuser wanting power over the lives of all American women, this weekend's music thread is for songs that tell a story to the world.
Summer is here and it's time to thumb our noses at old man winter! Post your favorite Summer tunes, songs about the sun, warm starry nights, surfing, sailing, road trips or just sitting on the porch to enjoy the weather. As always, have some fun posting your faves or just enjoy the songs that others post. :cool: