choicelady : Hi everybody - just got home from Oakland and wanted to drop in for a nightcap with you all. Hope everyone is OK? kesmarn : Much later...whoo-hoo ! Marcy Kaptur and I have a mandate once...
Welcome to tonight's Live Chat on Election Night 2014! Feel free to join in and post a comment at any time on the elections! adlib 20 days ago I will for a moment then come back. KY. Seriously? Grimes is typical...
Join us tonight for a live chat during the Democratic debate hosted by CBS. The debate starts at 6:00pm PST. You can watch the debate for free at the following link on CBSN - Live Streaming Video News Channel...




Weekend Music Thread – She’s A Rainbow

The colors of Fall are out around the country so this weekend's music thread is for songs about colors. Share your favorite songs to paint a colorful music thread!

Weekend Music Thread – Low Budget

The Build Back Better budget battle between 48 Senate Democrats and 2 corporately owned saboteurs continues with no sight in end as of yet. So this weekend's music thread is about the budget. Songs about money, poverty, the environment, seniors, roads and highways, and any social or financial issue that impacts people.

In Memory of Fergie

Our PlanetPOV family has lost a very beloved member this week. We know her here as Fergie1 and she is survived by her husband who we know as pinkpantheroz. Fergie will be terribly missed at The Planet, she was family. I'm sure everyone else here feels similarly and that we are here for PPO and are sending him our heartfelt condolences and prayers.