As an LGBT member this is something very important to me. I'm thrilled by this. From Think Progress: Marriage equality is now legal in the nation’s capital. This morning at the All Souls Unitarian church in Washington, DC, approximately 150...
I think we all recognize that poverty in our nation has increased in the past three years, but what is not so much discussed is that it has been increasing steadily over the past 10 years.  In the past...
A quick look into an Irish Presidential debate which I attended on the 20 October.
NEW JERSEY – The state Senate denied marriage equality to all its citizens. The marriage equality bill failed to pass in a 20-14 decision despite Democrats holding the majority. Senators James Beach (D-Camden), Paul Sarlo (D-Bergen) and Steve Sweeney...
Where the dogs go on with their doggy life and the torturer's horse Scratches its innocent behind on a tree. - Auden St Francis of Assissi had, to be sure, an odd relationship with his body. As a strict ascetic, he...
A message must be sent. Please sign the NAACP Petition.
What we know confidently now is that torture did take place under the Bush Administration by the CIA, that it didn't work or help keep Americans safe, that it permanently undermined our nation's moral authority in the world and that there is absolutely no regret or apology from those who oversaw and committed it.
9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980------From the early Sixties in clubs in Germany and Liverpool, England, to his murder in New York City. From The Quarrymen to John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and a little stint with a group known as the “Beatles.” Remember, enjoy and have a weekend of your choice.


All You Trump Dimwits, Leave Libraries Alone!

Writers such as James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ibram X. Kendi, and Nikole Hannah-Jones are just a few of the names found on book ban lists. Why? Because they are good writers and ‘touch life often.’

Boebert Gropes The Bottom of the Barrel

Boebert is blaming her x-rated conduct on her going through a divorce, which is weak. Thousands of people go through divorces daily and don’t behave like wannabe porn stars in public.