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Posted by AdLib On May - 25 - 2010 78 COMMENTS

We’ve all become familiar with the Repub/Fox routine of instantly responding to everything that happens while Obama is president (record snowfalls, children singing support of their president in school, American Idol inequities, etc.) as being his fault. If McCain had won, the snow wouldn’t have fallen, that guy in the […]

Posted by nottoolate On May - 15 - 2010 25 COMMENTS

The usual apologies up front…never did a story before, don’t know if it’s suitable for the Planet, etc. If I’m all wet, I’m sure somebody will let me know. I’ve been following the Gulf Geyser story as intently as possible for an elderly, nonscientific, English Lit major. One of the […]

Posted by AdLib On May - 11 - 2010 93 COMMENTS

1. Under the sea, an enormous, so-far-unstoppable eruption of oil endangers a huge swath of ocean, as well as the lives and livelihoods of a multitude. 2. On land, Climate Change has ushered in severe weather devastating towns and cities. 3. In our society, economic powers have wreaked havoc and […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On May - 4 - 2010 52 COMMENTS
Posted by AdLib On Apr - 22 - 2010 48 COMMENTS

Happy Earth Day! In honor of today, I had hoped to interview an expert about The Earth but to my surprise, I was able to book none other than The Earth itself! Maybe it was my new ozone friendly haircut. Maybe it was my new recycling bin made out of […]

Categories: Environment, Featured
Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Mar - 31 - 2010 28 COMMENTS

President Obama has opened up oil drilling 50 miles off the coast on much of the Eastern seaboard and 125 miles off the coast of Eastern Gulf of Mexico. While he shut down most drilling in Southern Alaska and has added drilling North of Alaska. Open ocean drilling is not […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Mar - 16 - 2010 78 COMMENTS

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. – Genesis 6 I’m an […]

Posted by Pepe Lepew On Mar - 9 - 2010 67 COMMENTS

I will never quite understand the emotional reaction toward wolves. There are people in the West who hate wolves. And I do mean hate. Pathological hate. It simply defies logic and reason. There are people in the Rockies who believe — with all of their heart and soul — that […]

Posted by FrankenPC On Mar - 8 - 2010 2 COMMENTS

In the disturbingly near future, Venice is submerged, Canal Street in New York City has become a real canal again, and it’s 87 degrees in December in Boston. Catastrophic global warming has moved from theory to fact.

Categories: Environment
Posted by whatsthatsound On Jan - 28 - 2010 38 COMMENTS

I thought I’d tackle the very serious issue of climate change by penning a Hank Williamsy, cry-in-your-beer c&w love song about it. As for the quality, you’ve heard of The Basement Tapes, right? Well, think of this as a whatever is below the basement tape. The great musicianship should be […]

Posted by Pepe Lepew On Jan - 28 - 2010 97 COMMENTS

SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder, something I don’t know that I have — but I think I do. I hate it when the sun doesn’t shine. I hate day after day of fog, of clouds, of overcast. It gets to me and wears me down. What’s your trick to beat […]

Categories: Environment, Observations
Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Jan - 23 - 2010 13 COMMENTS

One of the things I found out about years ago that too many people have not heard of today is how you can use your computer’s idle CPU time to advance science. It all started when the SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) and the University of California at Berkley started […]

Posted by javaz On Jan - 16 - 2010 35 COMMENTS

I would like to preface this post by stating that I am not denying that global warming or climate change is occurring presently. I have no opinion on whether or not climate change or global warming is man made or a natural phenomenon or both. The point of this post […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Jan - 8 - 2010 6 COMMENTS

From the Washington Times: The Obama administration on Thursday proposed tighter regulations on smog to replace those imposed by President George W. Bush and, if approved, would be the most stringent in U.S. history. The Environmental Protection Agency said the changes are needed because “many believe” the Bush administration standards […]

Posted by Pepe Lepew On Jan - 3 - 2010 66 COMMENTS

2010 is the centennial celebration for my current favourite place in the world, Glacier National Park. I have come to find that Glacier is a place to renew, refresh, recharge and rebalance. We make a point of making a pilgrimage … and it does feel like a pilgrimage … every […]

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 31 - 2009 4 COMMENTS

The fires are raging over an enormous swath of the Angeles Forest north of Los Angeles and one can’t help but consider if this record breaking fire will soon lose its record. Global warming has created severe droughts throughout the world, huge fires are on the rise and there is […]

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