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Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Sep - 16 - 2009 15 COMMENTS

Senator Baucus (D-MT) finally unleashed his bill which is mostly a giveaway to the healthcare industry.  Re-releasing this post to remind everyone what’s in the bill. The plan has no Public Option with possible co-ops or triggers in it’s place.  The bad fact is this is not the worst part […]

Posted by DCTVixen On Sep - 15 - 2009 4 COMMENTS

Teabaggers believe that czars are bad, generally because it is an unfamiliar word in their vocabulary. When informed that Reagan also used czars, and that czars were expanded under George W. Bush, the crowd expressed dumbfounded confusion and disbelief. Their level of skepticism increased further as they were educated on the roles of the czars here in America. That they wield no executive power and act as advisers.

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Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Sep - 15 - 2009 23 COMMENTS

Progressives to their credit are becoming more and more aware of what much of these teabag protests are all about, blatant racism. After all just reading the signs of the teabaggers this past weekend exposes the type of people they are. However we also have to be cognizant of the […]

Categories: Featured, Human Rights
Posted by tyler-durden On Sep - 15 - 2009 8 COMMENTS

Is it irony that in today’s media, some of the highest levels of integrity and honesty are exhibited by comedians? Fortunately however, there are still some reporters out there.

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Posted by AdLib On Sep - 14 - 2009 10 COMMENTS

Today is what they call in the news business, a “Monday”. Sorry…that’s what we all call today. I meant, today is what they call in the news business a “Slow News Day”. A lack of young white girls being abducted, no new discoveries of the next comfort food that will […]

Categories: Featured, Humor, The Media
Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Sep - 14 - 2009 7 COMMENTS

Most of the contact information and links to petitions you will need to fight for real universal healthcare reform. Contact the White House and tell them the public option is essential. http://www.whitehouse.gov/CONTACT/ You can also call or write to the President: The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC […]

Posted by DCTVixen On Sep - 12 - 2009 21 COMMENTS

Republican Teabaggers, in all of their intellectual dexterity, descended on the US Capitol today. A crowd numbering 5,000 or 2 million people (I’m sure official numbers are due shortly) came from near and far wielding well written and thought provoking placards meant to make a strong, unified statement! The classiest […]

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Posted by Questinia On Sep - 12 - 2009 13 COMMENTS

I was chosen for jury duty on September 10.   The rest were allowed to leave and resume their lives and for some of them, their jobs in the nearby World Trade Center.  Having to submit to the inevitability of jury duty, I left  the courthouse and gave myself a lemons-into-lemonade […]

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Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Sep - 12 - 2009 15 COMMENTS

Bush used what he called patriotism as a wedge to defend his disastrous policies.  But he was not being patriotic he was being nationalistic.  The difference between the two are often conflated by those like Bush and Cheney that want to use the word patriotism for political ends. NATIONALISTS, follow […]

Posted by DCTVixen On Sep - 11 - 2009 5 COMMENTS

Before I start this entry, I would like to take a moment to remember the 9/11 tragedy and its victims during, and after the event. 9/11 had to be one of the most surreal experiences of my life, topped only by the deaths of my parents the 1+ year prior […]

Posted by tyler-durden On Sep - 11 - 2009 7 COMMENTS

we proved American Patriotism was still within our society, when we all pitched in to do what we could, no matter how great or small the act was.

Categories: Featured, News & Politics
Posted by AdLib On Sep - 11 - 2009 16 COMMENTS

Today marks 8 years since 9/11. It is a day to remember those we lost in that cowardly and cruel attack, remember the bravery of firefighters, police, volunteers and those who fought back against the terrorists despite the risk and odds to avert further tragedy. Unfortunately, it’s also a day […]

Categories: Featured, News & Politics
Posted by LuluMay On Sep - 11 - 2009 5 COMMENTS

Originally written 9/13/01 Dear Friends: Many of you know that in times of tragedy I tend to feel the need to write in order to find some clarity in my emotions & peace in my mind. When Princess Diana, Walter Payton, John F. Kennedy, Jr. died, when Columbine happened, I […]

Categories: Featured, News & Politics
Posted by DCTVixen On Sep - 10 - 2009 16 COMMENTS

Wow! Last night was incredible. I must say, I found the entire Presidential Address to Congress to be IMMENSELY entertaining. I mean, what can I say? How often do you get to see a party behave like petulant children, unable to get their way, and therefore throwing fits DURING a presidential speech?

Oh, there was a’hooting and a’hollering.

Oh, there was a’waving of random signs and pieces of paper in the air.

And to top it off? The phrase heard around the world:


Posted by LuluMay On Sep - 10 - 2009 6 COMMENTS

I simple can’t get over it. I was just so sick over this. I am shaken to my core. If the President can’t find respect & safety on the hallowed floor of the House for a joint speech to Congress among elected officials were democracy is always – until last […]

Categories: Featured, News & Politics
Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Sep - 10 - 2009 20 COMMENTS

The president was up against it.  The whole centerpiece for his young presidency was on the line and in jeopardy from those on the left and right alike. President Obama took the podium nervous with almost half the crowd wanting him to fail. He more than anyone knew if he […]

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