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Posted by AdLib On May - 4 - 2012 29 COMMENTS

There are complications that go along with having an eight year old boy as your campaign adviser including setting up playdates for him with Rick Perry and Herman Cain and having to discipline the adult staff to “act their age” so they’re on a par with him.

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 30 - 2012 53 COMMENTS
petri us

What does that do to the Petri dish of American society when injustice is virulent? Doesn’t it create an ideal breeding ground for the kind of racism, intolerance, chauvinism and venomous “debate” that has become so mainstream today?

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 27 - 2012 19 COMMENTS

It doesn’t matter whether Bin Laden is killed, the economy is recovering or diet donuts have been invented that reduce your cholesterol and make you lose weight, the GOP is bent (in many ways) on spinning every bit of good news into something terrible.

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 20 - 2012 28 COMMENTS

It’s understandable that no candidate would choose to openly campaign on cannibalism, except perhaps Ron Paul, so this terrifying agenda has been well hidden by Romney’s campaign until Ted Nugent’s accidental slip about it at the NRA convention.

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 17 - 2012 30 COMMENTS

America has become one big cynical carnival of games but at least the GOP has even been considerate enough to throw in a number of clowns at no extra cost.

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 13 - 2012 53 COMMENTS
Blame Obama

In an unprecedented move, the Mainstream Media have announced that in order to keep the Presidential race the kind of competitive contest that Americans deserve, President Obama will now be blamed for the gaffes of anyone who ever supported or voted for him.

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Apr - 6 - 2012 12 COMMENTS
Romney bain

One thing people don’t mention about Romney is that he does not need to lie as much as he does.  Romney could have run a more honest and even moderate campaign and still won the GOP nomination because of the massively underwhelming field he was running against and he had […]

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 4 - 2012 57 COMMENTS
romney pinocchio

Romney has often demonstrated that he has more in common with firewood than fired workers, all that remains to confirm suspicions is for a woodpecker to perch on his block shaped head and begin pecking away.

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 1 - 2012 39 COMMENTS

Referencing the suffrage movement in the 1920’s and civil rights supporters in the 1960’s, top Republican leaders are nearing a vote in the House of Representatives to pass a law that would give corporations the right of other citizens, to vote in elections.

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 30 - 2012 77 COMMENTS

In his slippery slope argument against the ACA, Justice Alito simply asks us to consider all the people who’ve been bankrupted and have lost their homes having to pay for their own sudden burial and the ongoing costs of remaining dead.

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 21 - 2012 183 COMMENTS

We are now told that Mitt Romney is an Etch-a-Sketch. Wonder what other toys and games he and the rest of the GOP Candidates are?

Posted by SueInCa On Mar - 20 - 2012 39 COMMENTS

Evangelicals/Dominionists are pursuing a dual strategy on public schools. They want to destroy them and turn education over to private religious schools and in the meantime, they want to control every aspect of public school curricula.

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 19 - 2012 116 COMMENTS
arianna newt w

That bastion of consistency and unswerving principle, Arianna (“I’m a Right Wing Republican-I’m a Progressive Democrat-I’m Neither!”) Huffington, proclaims that since the GOP has been falling down in it’s role of attacking Obama’s character and campaign, she and HP are taking up that noble cause.

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 14 - 2012 27 COMMENTS

Elections in the US should not be an existential conflict but when candidates are willing to do literally anything to win, the fate of the nation can indeed be at stake.

Posted by SueInCa On Mar - 13 - 2012 79 COMMENTS
new_testament tank

It is well known that the Religious Right are out to turn the world to Christ and what better way to do it than by using the biggest and strongest military in the world?

Posted by AdLib On Mar - 8 - 2012 55 COMMENTS

It’s easy to lose perspective on events when in the midst of them but it seems that more profound decisions and actions have taken place under President Obama, despite a viciously polarized Republican opposition, than under any other President in recent memory.

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