In light of the recent victory in the Senate in funding the ACA, this weekend's music thread is about health, and sometimes the lack of it.
Summer is here and it's time to thumb our noses at old man winter! Post your favorite Summer tunes, songs about the sun, warm starry nights, surfing, sailing, road trips or just sitting on the porch to enjoy the weather. As always, have some fun posting your faves or just enjoy the songs that others post. :cool:
Year after year, decade after decade, wars march on. As Creedence Clearwater once said so wonderously, Who'll Stop the Rain? With our nation poised upon the brink of yet another military action in the Middle East once again we...
American music would be sort of bland without the enormous contributions made by African-Americans throughout our history. No real Jazz and no Blues and certainly no Soul music.
With the same old lies reworded by the GOP's new big tent strategy, this weekend's music thread is about the truth, the lies and the uncertainty of our future, far and near.
Greetings and salutations Planeteers. This weekend's music thread is about songs that are dear to you. Songs that fit into a special place in your heart and soul. Songs that move you, inspire you and songs you just find...
I haven't paid much attention to politics this week, but I do know that the spin keeps spinning, the spies are still spying and the psychos are still shooting. Some things never change. I've reached an impasse on the...
9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980------From the early Sixties in clubs in Germany and Liverpool, England, to his murder in New York City. From The Quarrymen to John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and a little stint with a group known as the “Beatles.” Remember, enjoy and have a weekend of your choice.
BOO! Welcome gouls and goulettes, vampiras and vampires, ghosts, werewolves and spirits! Halloween is but a few days away and to help get in the "spirit," (ha-ha) this weekend's thread is dedicated to all things spooky!




Weekend Music Thread – Heartbreaker

This weekend's music thread is dedicated to those invaluable people we've lost, their friends and families, who have had their lives destroyed by guns, racism and police as well as all of those who protest and fight to end this madness. Songs about violence, peace and protest are the theme for this weekend.

A Proposal: Mitigating the Damage From Climate Change

A proposal for a Climate Change damage mitigation project, proposing a National Water Management Agency to reduce floods, mitigate damage from droughts and generate needed supplies of potable water. Your comments, critiques and suggestions are welcomed.

Weekend Music Thread – Long Distance Runaround

This weekend's music thread is about distance, songs about being close or far, getting from here to there, going away or coming back.