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Pepe Lepew On February - 14 - 2011

My, look at all you PlanetPOV newbies. Some of you I know, some I don’t. Some may only know me as an adorable meerkat. Some may not know me at all.

I am a VERY old HP old-timer, there from virtually the beginning if you don’t know me. Welcome to the Planet. I need to spend more time here.

Anyway, I am the most lucky person in the world. I really am. Because I am madly in love. And I realize how incredibly lucky I am. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. Have a loved one, a child, anyone, someone, some green-eyed exotic GODDESS FREAK of nature from beyond the planet Neptune you want to dedicate a message to on Valentine’s Day?

Here is your thread to do so.

I plan to go quite fou today. And I really don’t care if I mortify certain people.

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