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AdLib On August - 6 - 2010

Today’s music thread is about nostalgia, songs that remind you of times in your past or the past itself. Songs that take you back to a memorable moment in time, whether it’s just a year ago or decades ago. First loves in high school, moments with your own children, exciting adventures and meaningful times.

One of the first songs I remember hearing as a  young child was what played on every radio station back then:

I Wanna Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

I remember being on the school bus and someone’s radio playing:

I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye

One of  the first concerts I went to:

Dogs – Pink Floyd

Ah, those ol’ New Wave days and a hairstyle I’d rather forget:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

The rebellious Grunge days and the first Lollapaloozas, mosh pits and railing against Bush 1:

Alive – Pearl Jam

Your turn!

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. bitohistory says:

    This is for Kalima, k’es and Patsy. You kids were talking about Dione Warwick and Burt Bacharach. I had heard an interview on the NPR program ‘Fresh Air’ withe him and his partner Hal David. They loved writing for Dione and her voice.

    Lyricist Hal David and composer Burt Bacharach began their collaboration together in 1957 after meeting in New York City’s legendary Brill Building

  2. PatsyT says:

    Visual Nostalgia -- Do you Recognize Anyone?

    Frank Kuchirchuk, a retired photographer who took live jazz performance photographs at Lindsay

    • kesmarn says:

      Wow. Patsy, those are not just pictures of the greats of jazz. They’re exceptionally beautiful, crisp works of art that also happen to feature the greats of jazz. Artist meets artists! Thanks for posting. What a treasure for Oberlin.

  3. Khirad says:

    Just found this. It might make you cry.

  4. Khirad says:

    This is nostalgic since like for a week, but I love it.

    Kominas -- Sharia Law in the USA [only problem is trolls don’t get irony]

  5. javaz says:

    And finally, this is the song that is my husband’s and mine --

    We have a hell of a history and am not comfortable in sharing it but we believe that we were FATED to meet and live happily ever after and we are doing just that!

  6. javaz says:

    My third date, and believe me, I’ll never forget this one.

    I was asked out by a pot dealer and I would not allow him to meet my parents as he had long hair and a beard, and my good old-fashioned Catholic parents couldn’t handle that!
    It’s amazing that they let me go out with him!

    I waited out front and he picked me up in an Opal -- remember that little shit-shaking car?

    He handed me a tin -- a small cigar tin -- and told me that he had 5 joints from 5 countries and one of them was a killer and it was up to me to choose a joint and whatever we smoked -- wouldn’t matter, as we’d smoke them all before the night was through.

    I don’t care what anyone says, but pot back in them days was better than the pot available now.
    Except for when we were in Amsterdam, and then that pot brought back memories.

    We went to a WHO concert at Cobo Hall in Detroit, and we sat in the nose-bleed section, but joints were being passed liberally and the WHO -- they abuse their audience -- they are assholes but their music is the best.

    Funny thing, was that it was so crowded and I had to pee so bad, but jeepers it was so crowded and I was so high.

    He then took me to a restaurant afterward, and I had to pee so bad, but was embarrassed for some youthful reason, so I ate dinner while never going to pee and how stupid was that of me?

    It was the real WHO we saw and the last concert at in Detroit with the real WHO.

    Oh, and he didn’t kiss me then!


  7. javaz says:

    My second date was YES in Detroit and there’d been a riot, and the guys that we were going with told my boyfriend at that time that he should not bring me, but he did it anyway and god, memories are flooding me -- but there weren’t any problems-

  8. javaz says:

    My favorite tune from when I was in grade school and when I was dreaming of falling in love and getting married forever --

    I was/am such a huge Neil Diamond fan but when he was younger --

    My first date ever was a Neil Diamond concert and Albert Brooks was the opening comedian and then -- just my luck -- we went out for pizza afterwards and he choked on a mint and puked -- there was no alcohol or even pot on my first date and needless to say that guy never asked me out again!
    He broke my heart, and I never got my first kiss.

  9. Khirad says:

    Even though it can produce the stupidest comments at times, gosh it’s sometimes cool to hear people sharing their thoughts on memories and music on YouTube. I went to this song, and started reading where people were when they first heard it, etc.

    That’s what music is about, man.

    Yeah, totally remember my beat up glowpainted stereo and sitting beside it with the black light on. Back home from school and in my room, all to myself. Those were some painful times, and some magical times of discovery. All at once.

    Pearl Jam -- Once

    Nirvana -- Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

    I got made fun of for being really quiet between classes with my nose in a library copy of Will There Really Be a Morning?

    Smashing Pumpkins -- Cherub Rock

    Alice in Chains -- Dirt

    There, that all took me back sufficiently to ages 13-14. Trick is sometimes to pick the songs on the album that aren’t played on the radio. Of course, this also works with one hit wonders, which haven’t been played since. 🙂

  10. Kalima says:

    Have always loved Dionne Warwick and her older songs- Walk on by.

    Sorry it wouldn’t embed, click on “Watch on youtube” please. Thanks.

    • kesmarn says:

      One of the best vocalists ever, Kalima. Underrated, I think.

      • PatsyT says:

        Another Burt and Dionne masterpiece
        Don’t Make Me Over

        • kesmarn says:

          This is a little window into that great collaboration of Bert/Dionne, Patsy. Interesting to see all the work that goes into producing a three minute (or less) song. It surely was worth it!

      • PatsyT says:

        Kes, Kalima, Could it be all that Burt Bacharach material?
        Luther Vandross -- House Is Not A Home -- Live

        I love this live version too…


        • Kalima says:

          Patsy, I can’t thank you enough. I found the song in your last link, the title is “Here I am” so I wasn’t all that far off. Now I just have to figure out how to buy it from here from iTunes, as when I order to download from Japan, I automatically am transfered to iTunes Japan, and can’t read a word.

          Thank you so much 🙂 it’s been keeping awake many a night.

          Unsuccessful attempt to buy, will order the album from amazon.com later today.

        • kesmarn says:

          Patsy, those are beautiful renditions of Bacharach’s song! It always amazed me that a guy who didn’t have the greatest voice in the world (how he struggled to reach those high notes, tilting his head to the side), could understand so perfectly how to write music for great, flexible, rangy voices. But he did it…perfectly.

        • Kalima says:

          😆 Oh gosh Patsy, now I’ve started you off too.

          I spent the last 40 minutes of my night on Google checking out the lyrics to many of her older songs, some were missing, so it was a fruitless quest. 🙁

          Thanks you for the Luther Vandross videos, I’m a huge fan.

      • Kalima says:

        I have to agree on the “underrated” and “one of the best” kes. I first heard her as a kid in Germany, when my soon to become new father brought a small transistor radio he had bought at the PX and had tuned it to AFR-American Forces Radio. I loved her voice then and still do today. I haven’t been able to find one of my favourite songs on youtube because I can’t remember the title. All I remember are the words,”here I am, and here I’ll always be.” Not much help I know. 🙁

        • kesmarn says:

          I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one, Kalima. Now I’m intrigued and want to hear the whole song! That voice is gorgeous: delicate, flexible and powerful at the same time.

          O/T, However…I realize you may have more email correspondents than you can possibly deal with, but one of these days, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask AdLib to forward my email address to you.

          • Kalima says:

            I’m sitting here on my sofa with the song going around in my head, and it’s driving me batty. I wish I could hum it to you. 🙂

            Kes, I would never be too busy to email with you. You can reach me anytime at [email protected]

            It will come to me directly and I can then give you my private email address. Looking forward to hearing from you.

            Have you heard any news from bito, his last post was about a week ago today. I hope he’s ok.

            • kesmarn says:

              I actually went to YouTube and played a few Dionne Warwick songs hoping to catch those lyrics, but no luck! It’s haunting me, too!

              No word from b’ito recently, unfortunately. These silences make me worry a bit. Time to go into prayer and candle-lighting mode, perhaps.

            • Kalima says:

              That’s worse than me, at least when I try hard enough I remember some of the melody. I’d ask hubby, but he can’t hold a tune, and makes up all his own words too. 🙂

              I was under the impression it was after August too.

              I have prayers and candles in abundance, can’t hurt.

            • kesmarn says:

              😆 An aunt once asked me to help her with a song: “I can’t remember the title or the artist, and I’ve forgotten the melody,” said she. That was great for a laugh for a long time after…!

              I was under the impression b’ito had at least a month’s reprieve from chemo, in order to gain weight. I do hope all’s well with him.

            • Kalima says:

              😆 sorry to get you involved in my loss of memory.

              Last year I was trying to remember a song I used to dance to, all I could remember was Cuba, and I thought that the name of the group was Cuba. A few weeks ago I tried a again and found it, the song was “Cuba” from The Gibson Brothers and I left it on our music thread when AdLib was in Vegas. My shoulders felt much lighter after that.

              I sent him an email about one week ago, but haven’t heard anything. I don’t think that his next chemo date was this early, was it?

  11. PatsyT says:

    Songs that remind you of your kids?
    Oh Boy Goody !!
    This is a wonderful song and it’s been covered many times by a variety of various artists
    but I like the Kermit version.

  12. PatsyT says:

    I still remember the first time I heard this one …
    I was living at my parents house in Ohio.
    I knew it was going to be a huge hit, right away!

    Michael Jackson-Billie Jean-30th Anniversary Special

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