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Posted by AdLib On Jun - 27 - 2012 41 COMMENTS

ROMNEY: “I like Mexicans food, it’s just the right taste. My wife and I often have a case of dillas, typically with cheese.”

Posted by SueInCa On Jun - 21 - 2012 36 COMMENTS
Bidding Wars Are Back, Agents Say

All you really want is a home you can live in comfortably, have the family over, let the grandkids run through…well there are people out there who don’t want you to have it.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 20 - 2012 20 COMMENTS
Living Dead Voter - edit

“We do think we have a better shot than the Democrats at appealing to the pale white, mortified, brain dead, no information voter but that’s not why we’re doing this,” Karl Rove evilly gloated, twirling a fake handlebar mustache he had just attached above his lip.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 16 - 2012 47 COMMENTS

This Sunday is Father’s Day so this weekend’s music theme is about celebrating and remembering our fathers.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 14 - 2012 9 COMMENTS

Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, announced today at a gathering of high profile Republicans and Wall Street executives that the GOP is formally divorcing reality on grounds of irreconcilable differences.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 11 - 2012 31 COMMENTS
MSNBC cracks

Each weekday, MSNBC creates 5 original hours of Conservative-hosted shows and 7 original hours of Progressive-hosted shows so of its hours of partisan programming, 42% are Conservative and only 58% are Progressive.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 4 - 2012 19 COMMENTS
Mitt Romney bain capital 1

In politics, the media or business, an unspoken rule seems to be that accomplishing one’s proprietary goals necessarily means discarding the quaint notion of being influenced by one’s own conscience.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 1 - 2012 15 COMMENTS

Bill Clinton has repeatedly put self-gratification above the best interest of the people and that is reflected even today in his throwing Obama under the train to protect those who are driven in limos.

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On May - 31 - 2012 67 COMMENTS

GOP PACs are preparing to spend more than $1 Billion to win control of the White House, the Senate, more state legislatures and governor’s mansions, and to hold the House of Representatives and the state governments they already control.

Posted by AdLib On May - 21 - 2012 53 COMMENTS

Has America ever voted for a man with sociopathic tendancies to be their president? Could such a candidate actually win?

Posted by AdLib On May - 18 - 2012 21 COMMENTS

One thing that America greatly values is its free press…which is why its been locked up in a safe that’s hidden miles below the Earth’s surface. Filling in for it, we have a corporatized Mainstream Media which looks just like the real thing only less filling.

Posted by SueInCa On May - 16 - 2012 12 COMMENTS

Over the past three decades since the early 1970’s, there has been the deliberate manipulation of significant segments of the population, most of them undoubtedly sincere believing people, around the ideology of ‘born-again’ evangelical Christian Fundamentalism to create what we now refer to as the Christian Right or Dominionists. Within the broad spectrum of fundamentalist denominations there are some currents which are particularly alarming. Sarah Palin comes out of such a milieu.

Posted by AdLib On May - 14 - 2012 39 COMMENTS

Romney’s ideal America is one where the wealthy buy their own White House and Congress, tax revenues are rerouted from the poor, elderly and majority into the pockets of the wealthy and all regulations that prevent the wealthy from harming the public are removed.

Posted by AdLib On May - 11 - 2012 17 COMMENTS
corporate wedding

Romney says corporations should be able to marry, gun manufacturing corporations should be allowed to have shotgun weddings, the energy industry deserves to have a nuclear family if they so choose and competing corporations should have the moral right to get into bed with each other.

Posted by AdLib On May - 10 - 2012 21 COMMENTS
Barack Obama

Is this a case of the media creating an exploitative story for financial and/or political benefit or were they just doing their job and holding a politician’s feet to the fire?

Posted by SueInCa On May - 5 - 2012 25 COMMENTS

Only by knowing the background of C. Peter Wagner of the 7 Mountains Mandate, would one know his and his followers’ true purpose: To dominate all the nations of the world for Jesus Christ.

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