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Posted by SallyT On Apr - 6 - 2014 1 COMMENT

Aren’t April Fool’s Jokes suppose to be followed with, “Just kidding! April Fools!”? Did someone forget to tell the Supreme Court? There is a deafening of ink to checkbook among the Billionaires getting in on the bargain basement sales of Congressmen. Well, at least the President’s ACA surpassed it’s goal in enrollment. The GOP is in shock but treatment is covered by Obamacare. Cartoons on these subjects and more. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Mar - 23 - 2014 2 COMMENTS

March Madness. That just about covers it. ENJOY!!!!

Posted by SallyT On Mar - 16 - 2014 9 COMMENTS

This last week is a week up in the air. Will Russia invade Ukraine or stop at Crimea? Where is flight MH 370? Was the CIA spying on Congress? Is there anyone sane in the GOP? All the questions are there but no real answers in the funnies. Try to fine a few favorites. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Mar - 2 - 2014 2 COMMENTS

The Academy Awards are tonight. Lets see if you can find any funnies that you would award the Oscar. Lots on the cuts in the Military and the concerns in Ukraine. Oh, and much on Arizona! ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Feb - 23 - 2014 7 COMMENTS

Another week, another dollar and no raise in the minimum wage. But, Comcast has billions to buy Time Warner. I found some favorites in the funnies and I hope you can, too. ENJOY!

Posted by SallyT On Feb - 9 - 2014 12 COMMENTS

Now, 50 Years ago tonight, I was sitting crossed legged in front of the TV waiting, waiting, and waiting for Ed Sullivan to start. THE BEATLES WERE GOING TO BE ON! I remember it well. Memories…. Okay, the funnies have the Beatles, along with all the silliness of the GOP and the misreading of the CBO Report on the ACA, and the not so ready Winter Olympic in Sochi. They’re not the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, but ENJOY the funnies!!

Posted by SallyT On Feb - 2 - 2014 6 COMMENTS

There is kicking, running, tackling, passing, flags thrown, whistles blown, and fouls called. No we aren’t watching the Super Bowl, yet. That all happen after the President gave his State of the Union speech and announced he has a pen and ain’t afraid to use it! Lots of plays called on that here in the funnies. Before the game or whenever, give them a tour. There are some good ones. The Super Bowl should be good, too. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Jan - 26 - 2014 8 COMMENTS

This past week one former Republican governor was indicted and another is still treading water under a trouble bridge. And, the GOP’s response: BENGHAZI! Look over there, its BENGHAZI! Again they are mistaken, its Justin Bieber. Oh well, you can figure it all out here in the funnies. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Jan - 12 - 2014 6 COMMENTS

There are a lot of people out there questioning Climate Change with the weather the way it has been. But, there is one person that surely believes in it now and that is Chris Christie! Boy, has it gone from the sun shining bright on him to bitter cold and icy. That Presidential Climate has come to a stretching halt on a bridge with trouble waters for him ahead. Cartoons a plenty on that and much more. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Dec - 29 - 2013 22 COMMENTS

At the end of 2013 I make one wish, that at the end of 2014 we are celebrating the Democrats maintaining control of the Senate and regaining control of the House. Until then, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and many laughs here in the funnies! ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Dec - 22 - 2013 5 COMMENTS

What the hell is Duck Dynasty? I don’t know but there sure is a lot of quacking going on about it in the funnies! Of course there is much more in here, too. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May yours be joyous and full of laughter! I hope I can start you on that path with this weeks funnies. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Dec - 8 - 2013 2 COMMENTS

A star from earth shines bright in the heavens now. Shine on, President Mandela, and thank you for the light you gave and will continue to give in history. The funnies start and end with tributes to Mr. Mandela. In between you will find cartoons on everything from a working website for ACA, not only is the Pope a Catholic but also a liberal, and Amazon is going to use drones for delivery. Hope you can find one or two that bring you a laugh. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Dec - 1 - 2013 5 COMMENTS

Are you tired of turkey, yet? Well, I hope not because there is more in the funnies. The Republicans are running around like turkeys with their heads cut off over the nuclear filibuster bomb dropped by Harry Reid. And, the Neo-cons and War Hawks are squawking like turkeys because there has been a deal with Iran over their nuclear program and we are not dropping bombs. So, we haven’t gone to turkey noodle soup just yet but we are close. Until then, sit back with your turkey sandwich and scroll through the funnies. See if you can find a couple of favorites among these turkeys. ENJOY!!

Posted by SallyT On Nov - 24 - 2013 4 COMMENTS

There was a nuclear attack! Well, on the filibuster anyway. Harry Reid jumped on the bomb and yelled, “Yee Haa!” Iran has agreed for now not to ride the other kind and we hope that they mean it. Many turkeys have already been hit and the good China is being unpacked. I hope that all of you will have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving! Until then, here are the funnies. ENJOY!!

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