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Posted by AdLib On Feb - 19 - 2014 15 COMMENTS
Banksy's "The Banality of the Banality of Evil"

Those who have propagated bigotry and hatred for profit like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have so saturated society with it, that people who join that horrible chorus feel that they are just doing the normal thing.

Posted by SallyT On Apr - 7 - 2013 27 COMMENTS

The President wants to fund Brain Mapping….even Rand McNally and Google might have trouble finding the GOP’s. Another wild week in America, have a cup of coffee and a smile as you review it all in The Sunday Funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Feb - 24 - 2013 7 COMMENTS

The Academy Awards are given out tonight. The ballots are secret but China knows already thanks to all of their hacking. If they’re hacking into these funnies, I hope they enjoy them along with all of you!

Posted by SallyT On Feb - 17 - 2013 7 COMMENTS

The State of the Union is covered this week and the thirsty rebuttal response. A stinky cruise ship is rescued. And, there are a lot that poke the Pope and his retirement. Welcome to the Sunday Funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Jan - 27 - 2013 12 COMMENTS

President Obama take the oath of office for his second term, lots of funnies on that! The Pentagon lifted the ban on women in combat duty and the first woman to face combat was Hillary Clinton. Sip a warm cup of coffee and enjoy this weekend’s Sunday Funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Dec - 30 - 2012 7 COMMENTS

Lets toast in 2013 with laughter, hope, and cheer and this week’s collection of The Sunday Funnies!

Posted by SallyT On Dec - 23 - 2012 4 COMMENTS

However you celebrate December 25th, please do is with a smile, a laugh, and lots of LOVE!

Posted by Caru On Oct - 14 - 2011 21 COMMENTS

Stating that gay people were born with their orientation seems like the perfect counter to the conservative argument that being gay is a choice, but this life-affirming rebuttal opens the door to other attacks.

Posted by Caru On Aug - 7 - 2011 23 COMMENTS

Let me be clear: I hate sleep.

Posted by ADONAI On Jul - 21 - 2011 40 COMMENTS

      A good portion of speaking will consist in knowing how to lie. ~Desiderius Erasmus Welcome back to a new chapter of Exploring Morality. In this chapter we will be discussing truth, lies, and deception. A complex subject full of grey areas. Again I will try to keep […]

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 7 - 2011 103 COMMENTS

Every weekend, free samples of the American consumer society are offered at your local Costco…along with five layer dip and gummy vitamins.

Posted by SequimBob2 On Apr - 3 - 2011 140 COMMENTS

I could not believe how many pick-up trucks in the school parking lot were sporting a Johnny Reb bumper tag that read, “Hell, no! We Ain’t Fergettin.’” It was here, in 1960’s Mississippi, that I learned the Civil War was not quite over.

Posted by Chernynkaya On Feb - 16 - 2011 40 COMMENTS

William James, Rollo May, and Paul Tillich on Will, Courage and Faith

Posted by Chernynkaya On Feb - 15 - 2011 66 COMMENTS

William James, Rollo May, and Paul Tillich on Will, Courage and Faith

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