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Posted by AdLib On Oct - 1 - 2013 42 COMMENTS

We’ve compiled a variety of scenes from movies that might help explain to the GOP where they really are and how their actions are sealing their fate.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 30 - 2013 42 COMMENTS
Boehner - End is Near

Just as Republicans insisted that the 2012 polls were all wrong and Mitt Romney would win by a landslide, Republicans today are blindly and overwhelmingly confident that the Democrats and Obama will bend to their will and the country will see them as heroes…and they’ll be just as right as they were on Romney.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 28 - 2013 12 COMMENTS
Cruz and Miley-1

Ted Cruz and Miley Cyrus do make quite a pair and suggest the perfect name for their duo act, “Jerking and Twerking”.

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Sep - 26 - 2013 16 COMMENTS

The polls on the ACA are misleading. Many Americans have been impacted in their opinion of the term “Obamacare” but when you look at the numbers, a majority supports all that it provides and many want it to go even farther.

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Sep - 25 - 2013 24 COMMENTS
obamacare signing

It is quite a challenge to sift through all the intentionally created myths about the Affordable Care Act to come up with The Top Five but these sure seem to be the top contenders.

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Sep - 24 - 2013 17 COMMENTS
Protest - Affordable-Care-Act

The GOP should have loved it. It was their plan. So….why did the ACA become a horrible, socialist government takeover of healthcare for them? Six words…”Black Democratic President Obama Supported It”.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 20 - 2013 2 COMMENTS
apple line

As the wealthy pursue the acquisition of the nation and world, we are busy waiting in line to buy the coolest new versions of phones we already have.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 18 - 2013 24 COMMENTS

Boehner may be counting on the pressure from the public and the business community to push his party back from the edge but he is now standing with the extremists in his party like a battered wife.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 13 - 2013 7 COMMENTS

thinking Republicans are under the same kind of “tyranny of the minority” as Democrats are in the Senate by Republicans. That small but big-enough contingent of Tea Partiers in The House are in a position to block any bill including the CR that will keep government working.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 12 - 2013 39 COMMENTS

I’m writin’ ya cause I speak for real Americans who feel kinda like your Russian President, Mr. Puddin’, that America shouldn’t get in a war with the nation of Cereal while we have a Muslim President here in our country.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 11 - 2013 20 COMMENTS

Putin’s end game now seems to be, signal a peaceful and responsible solution to Syria’s use of chemical weapons with one hand while with the other hand, tying up the U.S. and U.N. so they are unable to act against Syria.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 10 - 2013 1 COMMENT

President Obama will deliver an address to the nation tonight about Syria and you’re invited to join us here for a live chat during his speech.

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Sep - 10 - 2013 5 COMMENTS
Chess Pieces

Obama, Kerry, Hagele, Dempsey offer a targeted, limited, consequential plan for U.S. action coupled with intense negotiation creating the conditions in which a tentative offer is quickly embraced by Russia and Syria.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 10 - 2013 20 COMMENTS

It appears that Pres. Obama may once again have arrived at a desired outcome of a dangerous and complicated crisis…and once again, will be given no credit for it by the tyrant-lovers on the Right.

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Sep - 6 - 2013 38 COMMENTS

The opposition to involvement, no matter how limited, in war-like activity is based on a reaction to the nightmares that Iraq and Afghanistan became AND, of course, the ongoing plague of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Posted by AdLib On Sep - 6 - 2013 16 COMMENTS
kerry obama

Despite arguments to the contrary, President Obama’s actions would seem to indicate that he is earnest in wanting military strikes despite his reluctance.

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