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monicaangela On November - 10 - 2014

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Yesterday I sat at my sewing machine trying to work out an intricate method of quilting. My mind usually wonders as I supervise the work of the machine, guiding when necessary, changing the tension when necessary, turning the material etc., this repetitive work becomes automatic after a while so I am able to multitask while doing this. I started thinking about TOO BIG TO FAIL…that term irks me to no end. When I start thinking about this issue I think back to an article I read last year, I’ll place a paragraph from it here and also the link for those who might be interested in reading it:

Not only have the world’s richest been the biggest beneficiaries of the monetary and fiscal policies since 2009, with the current 2170 global billionaires representing a 60% increase since 2009 according to UBS, but their consolidated net worth has more than doubled from $3.1 trillion in 2009 to $6.5 trillion now. At the same time, the net worth of the “bottom 90%” of the world’s not so lucky population has declined. Yet, somehow, the Fed is still revered.


Too big to fail? Does that mean for instance if I personally have billions of dollars like Bill Gates, Carlos Slim Heu and Family, Warren Buffet, Amanico Ortega, the Koch Family, the Walton Family and others I am too big to fail?

Capitalism is apparently a continuous merry go round of bubbles and then burst where the economy is concerned, but the too big to fail are actually bailed out by the too poor and too insignificant to matter when it comes to returning the economy to its former self, or at least attempting to do so through the use of the Central Banks. Why has the planet decided to allow this to happen with very little outrage?

Naturally, as in global financial conspiracies, the question arises: Is it possible that instead of representing the interests of the general population, what the central banks simply do is follow the instructions of a far smaller cabal, that of the world’s uber wealthy? I wonder…

A couple of days ago I watched a program on one of my favorite networks, Free Speech TV. I enjoy watching and listening to Democracy Now which is a news program featured on the network. An eye opening interview got my attention. Matt Taibbi and a whistle blower that worked for J.P. Morgan Chase were featured. I personally felt this information should be viewed by the members of PlanetPOV so I am placing it here for your viewing enjoyment/Enlightenment.

We worry about our elections; we wonder why our election results are what they are and what we can do to get better candidates into office so that we can stop the unequal, unjust society we live in. Will we ever be able to do this as long as we have laws that and a justice system that literally lets some in our nation get away with confiscating the wealth of others while incarcerating others for something as simple as stealing a loaf of bread? I say, as long as we allow things of this nature to take place in our nation. As long as we continue to elect politicians that are turning a blind eye to this type of activity or only administering a slap on the wrist after these things happen, we really don’t have much hope.

Written by monicaangela

Love, Peace, and Happiness, these are matters of importance to me. My desire is that the Earth and all within her will eventually have the opportunity to enjoy these emotions incessantly.

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