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Misterbadexample On August - 12 - 2014

A decomposing starfish off Vancouver, Canada. Full article here.

I’m recommending a video that I have my concerns about. The presentation aesthetic is pure ‘Great White North’ a la Bill & Doug Mckenzie. Decidedly grass roots. Dana Durnford, (who’s been blogging about Fukushima for several years) makes more than a fair share of mistakes in the presentation. He’s doing most of the talking and he’s not a public speaker. He repeats again and again that this was an amateur effort with a cheap camera, and they didn’t have enough money or time to look at any area in depth (the trip was facilitated by $600 in donations).  But there’s another possibility here: Dana’s rambling presentation seems to come out of a sense of shock–he and his colleague Terry Daniels (who barely speaks) are taken aback by what they’ve seen. Dana was once a commercial diver, until an accident put him into a wheelchair, but he and Daniels know the beaches and tidal pools of Pacific coast Canada.

The video, uploaded from a streaming webcast earlier on Sunday, documents their recent research trip made along 200 km of the Western coast of Canada to look at the sea life on the beaches and in the tide pools.They saw only four species in areas that used to be home to scores of marine animals. They saw very few insects, only one seagull and one crow, and no eagles.  They did not travel with Geiger counters or other radiation detection equipment. And it’s possible that what they were seeing in terms of a lack of animal life has something to do with global climate collapse. Still… imagine traveling 130 miles of beaches over a week in August  and seeing so few signs of life.

The late journalist/whistleblower Michael C Ruppert had spent the last months of his life talking about Fukushima and all the implications of the ongoing disaster there. There are some 300 tons of highly radioactive water flushing off the site DAILY for the past three years, pushing all sorts of radioactive substances into the Pacific. Fragments of the destroyed reactor fuel have been found in Europe. In one of his last interviews for Vice TV (called ‘Apocalypse, Man’), he talks about Fukushima as a human extinction event–that the currents of the Pacific and the migratory habits of the fish make it inevitable that life-ending radiation would be spread throughout the world’s oceans.

I don’t know what to think now. I have been following the climate story for several months, and the problems appear pretty dire. But the favorite prophet of extinction has admitted that reactor meltdowns trump global warming issues. On Friday night, I interviewed a Competitive Enterprise Institute Climate ‘expert’. He doesn’t deny climate change, but says it’s all normal variation. We didn’t get to discuss Fukushima, but since CEI pushes nuclear energy, I doubt it’s on their radar as an issue. For once I wish the denialists were right.

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