Mini Music Thread – Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s a little music thread for all the Dads on their special day today, enjoy a few tunes dedicated to Dads while you try on that new tie, spray on that new cologne or wear that new bracelet your daughter made for you:

My Hero – Foo Fighters

Father and Son – Cat Stevens

Kind and Generous – Natalie Merchant

Wish I Could Fly Like Superman – The Kinks

If Not For You – George Harrison (and Bob Dylan)

A happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and families out there from PlanetPOV!

  1. I’m sorry gentle friends, but I have few happy memories.

    And my mother and father were murdered by the Health Destruction Industry.

    Whether they had money or not.

    But the song I include was always my greatest hope, I hope you enjoy it.

    I miss you Mommy and Daddy.

    “Because she had no insurance, my mother died the death of a thousand undeserved cuts.

    Because he had insurance my father died the death of purposeful negligence.

    Their suffering was not in vain.”

    A Future of the Brave