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SallyT On February - 10 - 2013



Let’s see, this week we had sequester, post office taking Saturdays off, S &P ratings don’t rate, the President skeet shooting, snow storms, and drones, drones, drones.  Of course, we still are looking at the economy, immigration, gun control, and Executive appointments. But, the drones are the winners of the cartoons.  Don’t take them too personal as it is apparently easier to create a cartoon questioning drones use.  There are past faces that show up among some new ones.   I do have a favorite, lets see if you can find one, too.   ENJOY!


Bill Day - Cagle Cartoons - Reality Check - English - Congress, McConnell, Boehner, second term, Obama

Matt Davies

Jeff DanzigerMatt Wuerker

Tom Toles126781 600 Senate Resthome cartoons

Okay, you have to admit this is funny!  But, they need to show the old
Elephants down the hall ready to spit they tapioca pudding all over it!


126632 600 Fraud and Abuse cartoons

Stuart Carlson

Henry Payne

So, is it bad to anchor the economy or let him drive off the cliff??

Olle Johansson - Sweden - Feels so good - English - Debt, Ceiling, Congress, Gop, Dems, Crisis, USA, Uncle Sam, Injection, economy, Debt Ceiling, Economy

Loans to grow the economy to reduce the debt…bad or good drugs?? 

Dana Summers


Robert Ariail

Hitting the target on blame!

Lisa Benson

And, now their blame is on Obamacare and not the insurance companies.

Michael Ramirez

Read the warning…”May cause”.  They have nothing specific because
there isn’t anything to support their claims. It hasn’t even completely
kicked in, yet.

Jerry Holbert

The pool was already full of pink water (debt) when he jumped in!

Matt Wuerker

Tom TolesJohn Darkow - Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri - Congress Playing Chicken - English - Congress, GOP, Slash, Crash, Burn, Chicken, Economy, Politics, Government, Democrats, Taxes, Democrats, GOP, Hurt, Sequester, Head, Smash

Christopher Weyant - The Hill - Canned - English - can, Obama, sequestration, extension, cuts, deficit, budget, defense, economy, Congress, Boehner, GOP, Republicans, Democrats, kicking, kick the can, delay

Christopher Weyant - The Hill - Sequestamagedd- on - English - sequester, sequestration, congress, obama, weather, deficit, budget, weather map, boehner, GOP, Republican, Democrat, fiscal cliff, negotiation, taxes, gridlock, blizzard
Steve Sack - The Minneapolis Star Tribune - Goldilocks Sequester color - English - Congress, sequester, sequestration, fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, economy
Steve Sack - The Minneapolis Star Tribune - Sequester Budget Trim color - English - sequester, Congress, budget, cuts, economy
Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Sequester - English - Sequester, Budget, Defense cuts, Defense spending, Economy, Federal jobs, economic recovery
Nick Anderson
126757 600 Budget Drone Strike cartoons
Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle - Obama Blackout - English - Obama, Super Bowl, blackout, energy

Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - Power Outage COLOR - English - gop, republican, branding, superdome, dome, power, outage, blackout, light, bulb, head, idea, politics, super bowl126735 600 Branded cartoons126681 600 Six Blind Men cartoonsKeith Tucker - PoliticalCartoons.com - Republican obstructionists love the word no - English - Congress, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, American Jobs Act,Republican obstructionists, filibuster, Mitch McConnell, National Labor Relations Board, Cfpb , Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Frank,Glass-Steagall, consumer regulations,GOP oppositionLalo AlcarazChan Lowe

Mike LuckovichViews of the WorldJeff Danziger

Keith Tucker - PoliticalCartoons.com - The Post Office's Burden  - English - Postal Service, Postal Service Budget, Postal Service Saturday Mail, Darrell Issa, Labor, Unions, Postal Service, Tom Carper, US Postal Service, United States Postal Service Cuts, Mail, National Association Of Letter Carriers, Postal Service Default,GOP

Randall Enos - Cagle Cartoons - GOP War on USPS - English - postal service,suspension of postal services,US post office

Jeff Danziger

Steve Greenberg - Freelance, Los Angeles - Forever stamps - English - US Postal Service,post office,postage,Forever,stamps,mail,post,delivery,SaturdayScott StantisJim Morin

Walt Handelsman

Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Post Office - English - post office, USPS, letter carriers, tgif, postal, bar, saturday deliveries

Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - NO MAIL ON SATURDAYS, COLOR - English - POSTAL, POST OFFICE, POSTAL SYSTEM, MAIL, CARRIERS, UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, SATURDAYSLarry Wright - CagleCartoons.com - COLOR Saturday Mail - English - postal service

Henry Payne

Chan Lowe

Marshall Ramsey

Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle - Saturday Delivery - English - Postal Service, Post Office, snow, rain, heat, gloom of night, Saturday deliveryJohn Darkow - Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri - No Saturday Delivery - English - Mail, Deliver, Stop, Mailbox, Dog, Post Office, Saturday, Weekend, Week, USA, 46 cents, Cost, Expense, Cancelled, Commemorative, Stamp, USPS, Letter, Deficit126871 600 No Saturday Delivery cartoonsRob Rogers

Daryl Cagle - CagleCartoons.com - Saturday Mail Delivery and Newspapers COLOR - English - U.S. Postal Service,Post Offic,US Mail,mail,newspapers,media,grandpa,grandfather,cell phonesHenry PayneJerry HolbertSteve Kelley

Gary VarvelJack Ohman

Steve Sack - The Minneapolis Star Tribune - Saturday Mail Dodo color - English - USPS, Post Office, mail, Saturday mail, postal, deliveryDavid Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - going postal - English - post office, mail deliveryDave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Weather deliveries USA - English - Weather,Storms,weekend delivery,Saturdays,post office,USPS,Mother nature,snow,blizzard, winter 2012,Post Office

Steve BensonJohn DeeringSigne Wilkinson

Luojie - China Daily, China - farewell Hillary - English - farewell,Hillary, US secretary of State,Kerry

Bill Day - Cagle Cartoons - Big Heels - English - Hillary, Kerry, shoes, Sec of State

Ken CatalinoGlenn McCoy

126684 600 Containment Policy cartoons

126682 600 Feeding Frenzy cartoons

Nick Anderson

Robert Ariail

Joel Pett126892 600 Too Many Sidekicks cartoons

Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - Jewell of a Secretary - English - Sally Jewell, Jewell, REI, Interior, Cabinet, Appointee, Congress, Rob Bishop, Utah, Recreation, Outdoors, Fitness, Health

Milt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Wetbacks - English - gop, republicans, conservatives, immigration, wetbacks, anchor babies,

Bill Day - Cagle Cartoons -  Speedy Gonzalez-Not - English - immigration reform, GOP, illegals, Speedy Gonzales

Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant - Republican Party - English -

Christopher Weyant - The Hill - Richard the GOP - English - Richard III, king, skeleton, elephant, immigration, reform, 2012, election, latino vote, hispanic, loss, history, congress, Reagan

126640 600 Pathway to Citizenship cartoonsPaul SzepDavid Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - path to oblivion COLOR - English - immigration

Bill Day - Cagle Cartoons - Hot Tomale - English - immigration reform,illigals,Congress,Obama

Tom Toles

126654 600 Immigration Compromise cartoonsChuck Asay

Steve Sack - The Minneapolis Star Tribune - Path to Citizenship color - English - immigration, illegal, citizenship, path, Congress

Gary Varvel126581 600 Out of the Shadows cartoons



Jeff Stahler

Luojie - China Daily, China - Obama skeet-shooting - English - Obama skeet-shooting,gun control,target,apple

David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - President Skeet Shooter - English - guns,obama

126584 600 Clay Shooting cartoons

Don’t think so……

Jeff Parker - Florida Today and the Fort Myers News-Press - Obama Gun Photo - English - Barack, Obama, guns, firearms, photo, skeet, shooting, Camp David, lobby, NRA, recoilSteve Benson

Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Obama Shoots - English - Obama shoots, NRA, guns, skeet, drones

Okay guys, here we go with the Drones and the President!

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Obama and skeet shooting - English - Barack Obama, camp david, Drones, Drone strikes, US drones, stealth, skeet shooter, skeet shooting, guns, shotgun, weapons

Rob Rogers

Matt Davies

Gary Varvel

Steve Sack - The Minneapolis Star Tribune - Drone Whisperer color - English - OBAMA, DRONE, CIA

126761 600 Drone Policy cartoons


Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle - Obama Drone Strike - English - Obama, drone, policy, terroristsJim Morin

Jeff DanzigerTim Eagan - Deep Cover - License to Kill - English - obama,guns,nra,obama-drones

Glenn McCoy

Glenn McCoy

Jerry Holbert

Really?  Kiss my drone butt!  I think you need to check your book,
President Bush used them, too.  Except, he was just a lousy  shot! 

Michael Ramirez

Now we bring in the Constitution.  

Dana Summers

Pat Oliphant

In the wrong hands, this could happen.  But, wait, a man ironing????

126840 600 Dr  Strangedrone cartoons

I wouldn’t worry about Obama…….but who is the next guy?
Never mind, it will be a woman that is very familiar of the
targets to be concerned about.  Check above.

John Cole - The Scranton Times-Tribune - Obama an drones COLOR - English - barack obama, drones, eric holder, memo, secret memo, constitution

Ben Sargent

David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - drone - English - drones, constitution

Jack OhmanMilt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Drones - English - drones, obama, terrorism, technology, war126808 600 Drones Nest cartoons

Drone’s Nest

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Obama drone killing color - English - Obama drone killing, Obama memo on killing, War on terror, drones, Al Qaeda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, CIA, national security, presidential power, Justice Depart ment memo on killing

Now we bring in past Presidents!

Dan Wasserman


Jim Morin

Oh, and past runners up!

Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - Obama Drones COLOR - English - barack obama, drone, memo, dubya, bush, assasination, terrorism, war, terror, program, nobel, peace, prize, president, politics, military

Miss the target!

Lisa Benson

The President’s Dubya pose.

Kevin Kallaugher

Foreign paper across the big pond………

Steve Breen

I do believe he straddles the issue and chooses wisely. 

Nick Anderson

I don’t think he is firing at a system of checks & balances except
maybe to get congress to act.

Adam Zyglis - The Buffalo News - Obama Drone Program COLOR - English - obama, gray, grayer, drone, program, cia, secret, strikes, war, president, powers, legal, authority, constitution, white house, law,

126615 600 Skeeters cartoonsTom Toles


Pat Oliphant

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Obama Skeet shooting photo - English - Obama Skeet shooting photo, Guns, Gun control, NRA, Background checks, Assault weapons, Newton, Sandy Hook, Gun lobby

Okay, now do you know why there was so many cartoons on this????

John Darkow - Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri - Gun Politics - English - Politics, Government, Gun, Control, Shoot, Shot, Fire, Drone, Drunk, Lawyer, Fault, Upset, Play, Wing, Nut, Cheney

Cardow - The Ottawa Citizen - Polite Society COLOR - English - guns, American, America, culture, firearms, assault, NRA, second, 2nd, amendment, national, association, mass, killings, shootings, weapons, armed

Chuck Asay126800 600 Teachers Packing Heat cartoons

Paul Szep

Matt Bors


Matt Bors

Advanced type of games?  Isn’t that a Nintendo?  

Pat OliphantMatt WuerkerDavid Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - LaPierre logic COLOR - English - Wayne LaPierre,NRA,guns

Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant - Gun Control - English - Daryl Cagle - CagleCartoons.com - Mental Health Test for Guns - English - gun control,assault weapons,mental health,test

Cardow - The Ottawa Citizen - Drone COLOR - English - drones,Barack,Obama,second,amendment,rifles,NRA,drone, gun debate 2012, guns, obama drones, second amendment

Milt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Guns - English -

Manny Francisco - Manila, The Phillippines - Gun Control - English - gun control, gun violence, gun laws

Views of the World
Paresh Nath - The Khaleej Times, UAE - Gun culture and militants - English - US gun culture, gun supply, NRA, terrorists, advanced weapons, progressive militants, arms, Taliban, Al Qaeda
Gun culture and militants  BY PARESH NATH, THE KHALEEJ TIMES, UAE
Signe Wilkinson

Jack Ohman


Joel Pett

Adam Zyglis - The Buffalo News - NY State Governor Cuomo COLOR - English - new york, ny, governor, cuomo, andrew, assault weapons, guns, ban, safe, act, law, casino, gambling, indian, revenue, schools, poverty, upstate, addiction

Mike Lester
Steve Benson
Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Sandy assistance color - English - Sandy Assistance, politics and Sandy Assistance, Hurricane reliefMichael Ramirez

Signe WilkinsonSigne WilkinsonJohn Cole - The Scranton Times-Tribune - loCAL PA -- Corbett and PLCB pensions BW - English - tom corbett, pennsylvania, pensions, plcb, liquor, privatization


Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - LOCAL OH - Kasich Budget COLOR - English -

Scott Stantis
 Tom TolesJeff Parker - Florida Today and the Fort Myers News-Press - LOCAL FL HMO Managing Medicaid - English - Florida, medicaid, HMO, privatize, plan, elderly, nursing, home, care, managed
LOCAL FL HMO Managing Medicaid

Randall Enos - Cagle Cartoons - Jindal Cuts Benefits - English - bobby jindal,governor of louisiana,medicaid,medicare

Jindal Cuts Benefits BY RANDALL ENOS

Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - LOCAL Governor Gary Herbert - English - Inversion, Utah, Herbert, Governor, Pollution

Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - LOCAL Inversion Legislature - English - Utah, Salt Lake, Legislature, Inversion, Pollution
Lisa Benson
126803 600 LOCAL CA Fast Times in the CA Legislature cartoons
126464 600 Broadening Appeal cartoons

126644 600 Black TV cartoons

Joep Bertrams - The Netherlands - freedomfighter - English - uk, cameron, europe, eu, referendum

Joep Bertrams - The Netherlands - doubt - English - prince charles, abdication, prince of wales, uk,

Paul Zanetti - Australia - Alice Shrinking - English -


Paul Zanetti - Australia - Ricky Conroy - English -


Paul Zanetti - Australia - I Meant That - English -


Paul Zanetti - Australia - Enhanced Performance - English -

Paul Zanetti - Australia - Great Sportsman - English -

Paul Zanetti - Australia - Interest Rates - English - reserve,interest,rates,consumer,home,loan


Joep Bertrams - The Netherlands - talking about austerity - English - bank, dutch, nationalised, dijsselbloem, sns reaal

talking about austerity BY JOEP BERTRAMS, THE NETHERLANDS

126641 600 Dirty Dancing cartoonsPetar Pismestrovic - Kleine Zeitung, Austria - Iced - English - Vn Rompuy, Great Britain, Germany, France, EU, Europe, Euro, Budget

Joep Bertrams - The Netherlands - new sponsor - English - soccer, matchfixing, china, europe
Christo Komarnitski - Bulgaria -  - English -

Pavel Constantin - Romania - Business - English - Dollars,money,banks,economy,business,affairs,crisis,Wall,Street,strategy,politics,businessman,people


Pavel Constantin - Romania - Serious Security - English - Security,serious,political,government,CIA,FBI,president,danger,terror


Pavel Constantin - Romania - Votes - English - Votes,election,president,political,people,government

Paresh Nath - The Khaleej Times, UAE - Mali challenges - English - Mali, France, Islamist rebels, Africa, Francois Hollande, octopus, militancy, organised crime, drug trafficking
Emad Hajjaj - Jordan - Banned  - English - freedom of expression,banned sign,writer,internet,freedom,web,Emad Hajjaj,Middle East,
Paresh Nath - The Khaleej Times, UAE - Two-state solution COLOR - English - Two-state solution, Middle East peace, Israel, Palestine,Obama, United Nations, rail track
ViewsEuropeArend Van Dam - politicalcartoons.com - prevention - English - Hezbollah, missiles, preemptive strike, prevention, prevention is better than cure, Israel, MidEast, Iran, Syria, air strike
Ken CatalinoRandy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - IRAN GOES TO SPACE, COLOR - English - IRAN, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, SPACE, ASTRONAUT

Osama Hajjaj - Abu Mahjoob Creative Productions - Assad Eats Syria - English - assad,leader,violence


Olle Johansson - Sweden - Thank you for calling - English - Syria, mess, Vilolence, Regime, Assad, president, Cliff, Fire

Thank you for calling BY OLLE JOHANSSON, SWEDEN


Emad Hajjaj - Jordan - Dialogue with Assad  - English - dialogue with Assad,Bashar Assad,Maath Khateed initiative,tank table,talk,opposition leader,peace talks,war,civil war in Syria,Syrian revolution,war crimes,free army,Emad Hajjaj,Middle East,

Dialogue with Assad  BY EMAD HAJJAJ, JORDAN

126591 600 Iran and Syria cartoons

Iran and Syria

Paresh Nath - The Khaleej Times, UAE - Syrian refugees COLOR - English - Syria, refugees, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Humanitarian agencies, UNHCR, relief operations, refugee flood, asylum


126585 600 Israeli Aggression cartoons

126854 600 Human Aids cartoons

Emad Hajjaj - Jordan - Aid to Syrians - English - humanitarian aid to syrian people,international aid,civil war,Bashar Assad,war crimes,airplane drop,parachute,coffin,dead people,massacre,Aleppo,Hums,river,Emad Hajjaj,Middle East,

Ted Rall

ViewsAfrica126791 600 Charge cartoons

Taylor Jones - El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico - Breathless in Beijing - English - beijing,china,smog,pollution,global warming,industrialization,mao,tiananmen


Daryl Cagle - CagleCartoons.com - Pollution in China COLOR - English - China,environment,air pollution,smog,Bejing,Beijing,Peking,smoke,flag,chinese flagDrew Sheneman

Views of the WorldWalt Handelsman126683 600 North Korea Nukes cartoons

Jerry HolbertDana Summers

Tim Campbell - Indianapolis - UN Sanctions - English - North Korea, Nuclear Weapon, Sanctions, United Nations, War, Rocket Launch

Lailson - Humor World - Receiving Hugo Chavez message - English - hugo chavez,maduro,venezuela,seance,spirit,medium,latin america

Lailson - Humor World - Brazilian Oil Company Crisis - English - brazil, petrobras, graça foster, oil,

Brazilian Oil Company Crisis  BY LAILSON, HUMOR WORLD

Rainer Hachfeld - Neues Deutschland, Germany - the Castro brothers - English - Raúl Castro, Fidel Castro


Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Federal rules for school snack food - English - Childhood obesity, nutrition, school food, federal rules for school snack food,school vending machines

Taylor Jones - Politicalcartoons.com - Michelle Rhee - Radical - COLOR - English - michelle,rhee,radical,education,reform,public schools,charter schools,tenure,teachers,teachers unions,students,korean-american

Michelle Rhee – Radical BY TAYLOR JONES

126590 600 Finding a Job cartoonsDrew LittonGary VarvelSigne WilkinsonJen Sorensen126587 600 Evolution cartoons

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Snowstorm indicators - English - Snow,blizzard,prepare,ready for snow,supplies,storm ready,food,shelter,heavy snow,weather,noreaster,milk,bread,beer , winter 2012Jeff DanzigerPaul SzepChip BokJoe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Snow - English - snow, nemo, storm, east coast, blizzard, 50 words, curse, weather, nature, inuit

126794 600 Winter Drivers cartoons

Milt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Nemo - English -

Rob Tornoe - PoliticalCartoons.com - Nemo Snow Storm - English - Nemo, New York City, snow, winter, weather, Boston, Connecticut, storm, blizzard, nor easter, New Jersey, sleet, thunder snow

Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - NEMO HITS THE EAST, COLOR - English - NEMO, BLIZZARD, SNOW, STORM, EAST COAST, WINTERDave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Blizzard shelter - English - Blizzard, snowstorm, monster storm, nemo, mega storm, heavy snow,winter, sleet, ice, power outage, cold, freezing, families, family, bears, hibernate, hibernation, hibernating, hungry, no heat, stuck, emergency

Adam Zyglis - The Buffalo News - Buffalo Wing Shortage COLOR - English - global warming, chicken wings, buffalo, buffalo wings, climate change, obesity, america, food, fat, environment, earth

126599 600 Super Bowl cartoonsKen CatalinoRobert Ariail

Ken CatalinoKen Catalino

David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - Standard and Poors COLOR - English - SP,Standard and Poors,recession,wall street,justice department,Economy

126835 600 Watching for Drones cartoons

Scott Stantis

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Standard and Poor's lawsuit color - English - Standard and Poors lawsuit, mortgage crisis, financial meltdown, Wall Street fraud, great recession, economy, housing, subprime mortgagesDan Wasserman

Steve Greenberg - VCReporter, Ventura. CA - Standard  Poor - English - Standard  Poors,rating,ratings,credit,reports,agency,bonds,mortgages,securities,foreclosures,recession,meltdown

Adam Zyglis - The Buffalo News - Monopoly Cat COLOR - English - monopoly, cat, board game, piece, fat cat, too big to fail, wall street, economy, corporate, profits, class warfare, richJoe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Monopoly - English - Monopoly, tokens, iron, cat, main street, wall st, recovery, stock market, dow 14,000Jeff Stahler


126872 600 Monopoly Cat cartoons

126754 600 Big Business Directions cartoons

Big Business

Jeff Danziger

Ben Sargent

126600 600 Penny Phased Out cartoons

126739 600 Im Worthless cartoons

Stuart CarlsonChris BrittChip Bok

Rob Tornoe - Philadelphia Inquirer - Ray Lewis Super Bowl - English - Ray Lewis,Super Bowl,Bambi,deer antler spray,PED,New Orleans,NFL,reporters,media,Baltimore Ravens,Super Bowl 2013,steroids, super bowl 2013

Henry Payne

Steve Breen

126554 600 Football Groundhog cartoons

Ground Hog Day

126639 600 Commercials and the Blackout cartoons

Cardow - The Ottawa Citizen - Blackout COLOR - English - Super, bowl, superbowl, blackout, power, failure, outage, 47, XLVIIRob Rogers

Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - SUPER BOWL MVP 2013, COLOR - English - SUPER BOWL, MVP, POWER OUTAGE, NFL, FOOTBALL, NEW ORLEANS, POWER, 2013

126677 600 Super Bowl MVP cartoons

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Super Bowl power outage - English - Super Bowl, Power outage, lights out, dark, Ravens, San Francisco, CA, Baltimore, championship, 49ers, power loss126679 600 Lights Out cartoonsHenry PayneKeith Knight - PoliticalCartoons.com - Superbowl Blackout - English - superbowl, nfl, new orleans, superdome, blackout, african-american coaches, race,  black coaches, general managers

Dana Summers

Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Sarah Palin - English - Sarah Palin, Fox News, Power outage, Super bowl, tea party, black out

Drew Litton

Jeff Darcy - The Cleveland Plain Dealer - Ravens Win - English - ravens,tv,fans,win,super bowl,downtown abbey,super-bowl-2013

Mike Luckovich

Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant - King Richard III - English - Jeff StahlerStuart Carlson

“My kingdom for a horse!”  Nah, but you got your own parking spot!

Robert Ariail

Jeff Danziger

Drew Sheneman


Gary Markstein

Speed Bump

Bound and GaggedSpeed Bump

126845 600 Valentines Day Gift cartoons


J.D. Crowe - Mobile Register - Ethan is safe - English - Ethan, Alabama, Midland city, hostage

Ethan is safe!

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Ethan rescued - English - Abduction, Bunker, Boy, Alabama, 5 year old, rescue, FBI, Police, saved, Ethan, hearts, valentine, uncle sam

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Written by SallyT

Retired, not by choice but the body said sit down! Married with two grown daughters and 3 grandchildren. Best friend is Mansion, my great dane. Love to laugh, love to make someone laugh, love to make new friends. I think I am a lot of fun but you can be the judge of that.

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  1. Another hilarious roundup Sally. I read it every week even though I don’t always respond.

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  2. Kudos Sally for another great selection of cartoons. They certainly run the gamut from funny, to hypocritical to truth. I have to say this one is my favorite, simply for the truth and portrayal of GOP hypocrisy:


    This is another that shows the Obama hater’s hypocrisy. The idiots were all in favor of waterboarding suspected terrorists, now they are suddenly concerned about their lives?


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    • SallyT says:

      Hey, thanks KT!

      Now let me tell you another way of looking at that cartoon with the terrorist in the cave. I see it that if we had used a drone we wouldn’t have invaded Afghanistan and certainly not Iraq. Those invasions cost many people lives, some bad guys but far more innocent ones. We would have just taken out the terrorist and no need for water boarding or still holding them in Guantanamo Bay. Maybe that is how it was meant since it shows only two guys in a cave.

      Yes, my favorite was the one with Hillary telling the Republicans that they have far more to answer for!

      Thank you for the music this weekend, my buddy, and thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the funnies!

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  3. glenn says:

    Hi Sally–My favorite this week was the mental health test–”Do you believe the government is coming for your guns?” If you answer “Yes”, then you fail the test! So true!

    I am also amazed at how the foreign cartoonists can “see” America so clearly, as in the Singapore cartoon that shows President Obama cleaning up after the elephants. Elephants, BTW, who are sitting around, being lazy. I don’t know if the subtlety was intended, but I thought it was brilliant!

    And the China cartoonist who acknowledged that John Kerry does, indeed, have big, (pink) high heels to fill. That was cute!

    Not so sure about the drones cartoons, because I have mixed feelings about that program. Anyway, it is good to see all the differing viewpoints.

    As usual, my sincere appreciation for compiling these for us. Thank you for always bringing us viewpoints from both sides, as well as around the world.

    BTW, I haven’t read the other comments yet (except for Kes’s), so are you going to reveal which one is your favorite?

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    • SallyT says:

      Glenn, I agree on the drones and mixed feelings. I am not concerned about President Obama but who will be the next President and how they will use them. That concerns me. That is why I added that it will be a woman and check above to the Hillary cartoons. One can hope. I included those questioning their use because I feel we should question that and have the correct standards when engaging their use. Have to look at both sides to get the correct one to lien most on.

      My favorite, Glenn, is as CL guessed, Hillary basically saying the Republicans have no grounds to question her intelligent failures when they have the World Trade Center on their card. But, my second is the donkeys in the old folks home and getting a budget turned in. At least they never stopped working on one. We are stubborn, you know. Of course, we know it would not meet with the elephants approval anyway. I think it is funny how they always think we donkeys aren’t working and never take into effect that we are always running up against a fat elephant in our path.

      Thank you for letting me know your favorite. The mental health test was a good one. But, the one with the old veteran wasn’t funny but sadly true.
      I am glad some cartoonist thought it should be stated.

      Hope you are having a great weekend, Glenn, and thanks again for letting me know you enjoyed the funnies!

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  4. kesmarn says:

    Sally, I’m not sure what your favorite was, but my guilty pleasure was the wickedly funny caricature of Michelle Rhee.

    Oooohhh… how that little union-busting fraudster annoys me. (And just the other night BBC America interviewed her as though she actually could claim legitimate expertise in the field of education!)

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    • choicelady says:

      Glad you share my distaste for her, and now WE have her in Sacramento since she married our mayor. Ugh.

      I heard her a couple of years ago at our Press Club lunch. She is SO ignorant! She bragged about firing a $30,000 a year employee saddled with trying to get parents of children with disabilities to be compliant in enrolling their kids. Instead of asking this woman what could be done to make this work, which includes dealing with NON compliant parents, more effective, she assumed incompetence and fired her. People who know nothing of other people’s work and difficulties should not be in “leadership” of anything.

      Her only goal is busting the union. It has nothing to do with improving children’s education but making sure teachers are fearful and obedient to Michelle Baby. Disgusting.

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      • kesmarn says:

        OH, poor Sacramento, c’lady!!

        I’m embarrassed to admit that she’s from this area, and attended a toney, ultra pricey private school near here. Apparently they weren’t able to teach her much about compassion.

        It’s such a relief to read that so many of us had exactly the same reaction to her. Her smugness makes her cruelty that much more aggravating. And even after she was basically fired (although she’ll never admit it) from the DC system, she’s still brazen in claiming that she has the credentials to “reform” education. (I.e., reduce teachers to the level of WalMart workers in a privatized industry.)

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        • SallyT says:

          Kes, she went to a Private School so she is qualified to tell how to teach in Public Schools? She is familiar on how to teach your school year on the limits that the school budget provides? And, she is familiar with class room sizes of over 32 students? Private school taught her how to relate to the different financial structures that her fellow students live? Those with and without?

          I knew I didn’t like her!

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        • choicelady says:

          Oh she’s a frozen byeetch,I understand. When her husband, who’s an absolute creepy idiot, won re-election, she was at the party. Dem leadership think they have to support him EVEN THOUGH he’s not actually a Dem himself. So they went and she refused to talk to anyone – the Queen, y’know. She cannot be bothered. She has aligned herself with money people, all conservative. HE is anti-GLBT even though at the 11th hour he pretended to support marriage equality. He sent emissaries to events on No on 8 – he never came by himself.

          Last week I SAW him brush off and by a poor unhinged homeless woman. He SAYS he has compassion and that solving homelessness is his A one priority but he cut her dead and never even had a kind word for her. I’ve seen other public officials – they will stop, speak, maybe help with a buck or two. He walked by like she was garbage.

          I detest them both. They are algned with the 1% and have dreams of glory. They are slavering rapacious fools, and they’re no earthly use to anyone who is fully human.

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    • SallyT says:

      Kes, I do not care for Michelle Rhee either. I was happy to include that unflattering portrait of her. I saw that BBC America interview as well. She lied and used the teachers. She got some good teachers fired. Her methods are not to be rewarded. She sucks big time!

      Thank you for letting me know you found a “guilty pleasure” among the funnies!

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    • glenn says:

      Kes, I agree completely with you about Michelle Rhee. “In a speech at the Columbia Heights Education Campus in Washington DC, Rhee said that she once put small pieces of masking tape on the children’s mouths so they would be quiet on the way to the lunchroom and that, after removing the tape, skin came off their lips, they were bleeding and she had “thirty-five kids who were crying”.”

      This is an education reformer–put masking tape on the kids! Then she lied about the gains her students allegedly made–and those gains were made when she was teaching with ANOTHER teacher. I will never in a million years understand how someone with three years–three years–teaching experience got to be chancellor of schools. What is wrong with this picture? But, of course, we all know the problems is with those teachers who are in the union, and BTW, those teachers who follow the rules. If I had put masking tape on ANY of my students, I would have been fired immediately! As would any other teacher. Why wasn’t Rhee fired? And drummed out of the profession? Sorry, Kes, I could go on and on, but I believe you were being very kind when you called her a “fraudster”.

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      • kesmarn says:

        glenn, have you ever seen the PBS Frontline expose of Rhee’s years in the DC school system? If you haven’t it is well worth every minute put into watching it! I think it’s archived on the PBS website.

        The same thing was revealed in this documentary — the cheating on test scores. She set it up so that there was no paper trail linking her directly with “doctoring” the answer sheets. But she strongly “incentivized” her staff to do it. ($10,000 bonuses for big leaps in test scores. Termination from your job for flatlining. Hmmmm…. decisions, decisions….) And then when she was “informed” of the tampering, she basically did nothing.

        You’re so right, glenn. She seems to enjoy inflicting misery on others — kids and/or staff. If you watch this documentary you’ll see her as she fires a principal. She does it on camera, very slowly and deliberately lacerating this poor man with every sentence she speaks. It was just gratuitous verbal violence.

        I’ll bet you were a fabulous teacher, if you react to a bully like her the way you do! :-)

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        • glenn says:

          Kes–Thanks for the compliment–I’m not so sure I was a “fabulous” teacher–many of my students’ parents would probably disagree with you–because I was just as strict as Rhee claims she was. However, I also have many notes from parents who say that they appreciated my hard work and the hard work I made their students do. So, anyone has detractors.

          Where I disagree with Rhee is her zealotry–or “my way or the highway”. If one is going to teach to the individual child, then there is no one “right” way. I sat through too many conferences, meetings, in-services just like the part of the documentary where Rhee “knows” all the answers and only her answers are correct. If only we would teach the way the “leader” of the conference, meeting, in-service wanted us to, then all of our problems would be over. Yeah, right!

          And, don’t even get me started on testing and test scores! Three days of regurgitating answers on standardized tests do NOT show critical thinking skills–no matter how many times the “test-makers” tell you they do. And…I say that as someone whose students scored well on tests.

          It just worries me that we are trying to fit students into test score boxes instead of trying to help students understand that there is more to life than numbers. That is just one extreme as extreme as the “reformers” who disdained classrooms and let students learn what they wanted. Some students do well with numbers; others don’t. Some students do well with learning all about what they are interested in, others don’t. Once again, it’s a matter of the individual child.

          Educational reform is a complex issue, and I am quite sure I don’t have all the answers. However, I am not trying to force my answers on everyone as Rhee is. The only thing I am passionate about is that every child deserves to be seen as someone who can succeed; we just have to help that child find his/her own success. And, labeling them “failures” beginning in third grade, which is where most systems begin the “serious” testing, is a disservice to both those who can pass the tests and those who cannot.

          Sorry for the “soap box”. I get carried away sometimes. My husband used to just roll his eyes when I got started…so feel free to do the same thing. Cheers!

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          • kesmarn says:

            Roll my eyes, glenn? Never! I could listen to what you’re saying for hours.

            The ability to view kids as individuals is just so essential to helping them learn. And Rhee just really does not seem to get that. I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that she doesn’t even really like children.

            She just likes money and the spotlight.

            Here in Ohio we have a similar type of “reform” (a really inaccurate term) going on. You mention the third grade as a turning point. Here they’ve decided that any child who can’t read fluently by the end of 3rd grade must be held back. Indefinitely. I’m not in the education field, but this just feels wrong. Not every child learns at the same pace. And how much damage is done by having someone who’s 11 years old still in the third grade?

            And the icing on the cake is that the president of our state board of education posted a comment on her facebook page that compared the President to Hitler in his efforts to enact some sort of gun control.

            So far, our Republican governor is backing her! Sigh… He also turned down millions of dollars of “Race to the Top” money that Ohio had won — fair and square.

            And his latest budget proposal channels millions of dollars of state aid to schools in the (Republican) suburbs, while neglecting the inner city systems. We’ve got our work cut out for us.

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            • glenn says:

              Kes– I do volunteer work two days a week at my granddaughter’s school. I am using some methods with the kindergartners and first graders I work with that I wasn’t able to use as often and in as much depth, in my scripted, controlled job. These are “at-risk” kids (imagine being “at-risk” in KG and 1st grade), so I am consciously trying to change the “script” from the regular classroom, to give them a chance at success. I love working with small groups like these; these “at-risk” kids always tugged at my heartstrings.

              I agree that Rhee doesn’t like children; she talks a good game about how it’s “all about the students”, but in reality, it’s all about her. Her way, her ability to “hire and fire” whom she wants. Wouldn’t it be nice if public school teachers had that same option? They don’t get to choose who walks in the door; they just have to work with them the best they can. And most of the teachers I worked with all over the world, did just that–their best–day in, day out.

              And the unequal funding–always a problem. And as I said in my last post, don’t get me started with labeling third-graders a “failure”. You are absolutely right–all children don’t learn at the same pace–but “reformers” don’t want to hear about child development. To them, that’s just an “excuse” for (union) teachers who aren’t working hard enough.

              So, once again, thanks for “listening”. Sometimes, I think I “should” become more active in local educational policies now that I have time. What stops me is, I’d rather be in the classroom working with the kids. Most of the time, they make more sense, are much more fun, and treat me a lot better! See, that’s what bothers me about people like Rhee–instead of staying working with the kids and helping them, she’d rather make a “name” for herself, in the guise of “helping” kids. Contradictory and perhaps “jealousy” on my part, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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  5. choicelady says:

    Excellent as always! I will have to go back over a lot of these – very complex stuff, some of it. At least the intelligent ones!

    Your fave? Bet it’s Hillary reminding the GOP critics – don’t talk to her about intelligence failures. Am I reading you right? It’s certainly MY fave, and we’re often on the same page!

    Happy Sunday to you, Sally! Thanks again for a wonderful collection!

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    • SallyT says:

      CL, you guessed correct! That one with Hillary was my favorite. But, as I explain above to Glenn, so are the old donkeys in the old folks home. Stubborn donkeys never stop working!

      Hope your weekend has been a good one. Thank you for letting me know we are still on the same page in the same book!

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  6. BourneID says:

    Sally. I gotta tell ya – you are amazing. With the heavy news that bombards us every day. you put together a really great selection. We could actually smile. Congratulations. You have a gift.

    You ask that we tell you what our favorite is. I found mine in the post office group. My favorite is the boy sitting in front of the computer when the announcement is made that the P.O. will stop delivering letters on Saturday. He says, “What’s a letter?” I was transported back to my 6th grade class where I wondered every day what stories my students would have to tell their kids. They’re all born with a mouse in their hand. One day I took my IBM Selectric typewriter in, and the entire class went ballistic. They could not believe this fabulous, new invention. You can actually “keyboard” and get a finished copy without having to wait (their words). Of course, the depressing part of my story is you now know I’m over 30…oh well. Before my final thank you, I’d like to add one more tidbit. I was recently working on a project very early one morning; ran out of paper. There’s a Walmart near my home that opens at 6 am. I called and asked if they sell typing paper. The young girl who answered said, “I’m sorry; we don’t sell typing paper but we do sell copy paper.” Now I’ve depressed myself again.

    Thanks once more Sally; the greatest gift people can give one another is time, and you give yours generously. I look forward to Sunday mornings. The Sunday Funnies definitely outclasses Meet the Press.

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    • Hey Bourne! I agree about the “what’s a letter,” cartoon. Hand written letters are becoming a dying art form. Just think of all the wonderful hand written letters that were by many famous people and letters just between friends and lovers, parents and children, siblings….etc.

      I think a handwritten letter is so much more personal than e-mail or even typed letters. It reminds me of a proposal by certain schools in some states that want to drop teaching of cursive writing. How sad.

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      • BourneID says:

        Hey KT

        We have not spoken for a long time, but that’s my fault. i haven’t been to a Vox event for a long time. Friday is my “no phone calls; no politics” day, but I think I’ll find another so I can get back into the conversation.

        I’ve been reading the Tao recently, and I think of you each time I open the book. I understand why it is important to you. It has a very calming, reassuring effect wjem we can use a bit of wisdom.

        Among my own relatives, Facebook has replaced letters, cards, phone calls. What a shame because even without realizing we distance ourselves from one another. I’m glad we made contact; I’ll log in on Friday and see if I can keep up with the speed of light posting all of you do. Have a good week.

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      • SallyT says:

        KT, I remember many years ago when I first moved away from home, I would call every other Sunday to the folks. But, I wrote a letter, too. My mother told me that she liked the letters the most because whenever she was missing me, she could pull out my letters and be with me again and again. In a letter, what I had told her was never forgotten. She also said that because of that I should never put my anger in a letter. Words can be lost in the air but the written word can’t be changed and the hurt can be relived over and over. Save love for letters and always save love letters, she said. You never know when you may need to be reminded that you once were.

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        • Sally, your Mom showed a lot of wisdom. I think words have more weight when they are hand written. Having to write each letter in a word, somehow seems to make the words more personal.

          When I was in Parris Island for boot camp, I really found the value of letters. Mail call was always something to look forward to.

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    • SallyT says:

      Bourne, you make me feel good that I have something to offer and that you enjoy!

      The Post Office cartoons were many and some did touch on the issue that times change. But, they haven’t changed for everyone. Those people in rural areas still rely on the PO for not only mail but their medicines. Many get theirs mailed to them. I can’t imagine how much that will cost using UPS or FedX.

      Bourne, I sometimes wonder if people will eventually forget how to write with a pencil. If the grid does ever go down, there will be many young people lost and hoping they can find us old folks to tell them how to survive without a smart phone! I am glad I grew up on a farm and married a rancher. I just hope I won’t be too far gone that I can’t remember…..

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      • BourneID says:

        Sally, I admire what you’re doing for all of us at POV. This week’s had to have been very difficult because the news is so bleak.

        I may be too optimistic, but I really don’t think we’ll lose the post ofice completely. The House leaders create conditions that cause their Fox educated followers to panic and the hysteria starts. It’s the only way they know how to govern. The press picks up on it until they invent the next crisis. I know people in rural areas need these services but I’m really not educated enough about its funding and policies to make viable suggestions, but I also think the rural folks have guts and will fight. I watch the patterns of Boehner’s House and see layers of confusion, distortions, outright lies, and incompetence. They all belong in jail.

        Meantime, Sally, I thank you again for the time you spend doing this for us. I look forward to next week’s since I’m sure there will be a lot about the State of the Union. Isn’t Marco Rubio giving the dumb people’s response this year? Jindahl set the standard for all future rebuttals; it will be interesting.

        Have a great week.

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        • SallyT says:

          Bourne, I don’t know a lot about the funding but I trust Senator Bernie Sanders reporting on it. The Post Office gets 98% of it financing from the sale of stamps, not the government. The government has not allowed the Post Office to provide additional services to make them competitive or allow them additional sources of making money. They can’t even provide notary services and charge a $1 should someone need a document’s signature notarization. Or maybe a packaging service or such. But, Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution, known as the Postal Clause or the Postal Power, empowers Congress “To establish Post Offices and post Roads”. I don’t think it will be easy to close it down completely but I think the Republicans will keep trying. I saw where UPS and FedX were big donors to their party this last election.

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    • choicelady says:

      Bourne! We have a typewriter in our office, but the ribbon dried up. We have two other ribbon cassettes – but I suspect they’re dried up, too. So where does one BUY typewriter ribbons anymore? My husband and I always keep a typewriter as back up, but this represents a major fly in the ointment.

      Yeah – showing our age. But when the power grid goes down, some of our antique skills still help, don’t they! But when we start having to pay $1.00 plus to mail letters, what then? People forget how much non-profits depend on the USPS. I seriously doubt the for-profit guys can do the job, and where is THEIR Constitutional authority and their legally-mandated protection over our first class mail? Will Fed-Ex be empowered to prevent mail tampering? Fraud? Theft? Not that I can see. So these cartoons that blow off the USPS are just wrong. I read a Tweet yesterday that despite the blizzard, people in NY, CT, MA were getting their mail!!! Don’t see UPS out there…

      Long live our skills and knowledge and the USPS!

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      • BourneID says:

        Hey CL, are we ever going to have lunch? Let’s keep trying.

        I do not see the cartoons as blowing off the post office but as sad realities of how we accept changes so quickly without a fight. For example, the cartoon of the P.O. boss telling two employees to notify people that Saturday delivery will stop. One said, he already emailed and the other said she already tweeted. It’s the world we’ve allowed to happen. And how many of us really fight the A-holes in Congress who still haven’t heard the news: We Won! I’d rather give up Saturday delivery than lose the whole thing. I don’t think it’s going to go away. I think it’s another mindless possibility Boehner and gang put on the table as another service Americans don’t deserve. They’ve been in DC so long they don’t remember which side of the envelope the stamp goes on – our American royalty like their lives too much to care what happens to us.

        I don’t know about you, but I hardly think of most of the things that make my life easier until I’m told they might go away…that’s when I get mad. And guess how I let the people I’m mad at know I’m mad? I email them. What does that make me? A pretty typical American I guess. You made me think CL – I’m going to start sending my protests through the US Post Office.

        Incidentally, CL, I worked for the federal government; many years for one of the DOJ agencies and ending as a budget officer. Believe me, there is no way those dolts in Congress know what they’re looking at. I think they’re just ringing alarm bells. It’s all they know how to do. Have you ever seen a best seller written by a budget officer or found one interviewed on Meet the Press?

        Re ribbon for the ancient equipment? I have no idea. First thing that comes to mind? i can GOOGLE it! Oh God, Is it too late for m CL?

        I’m going to find a way to get my email and phone number to you. Maybe I can ask Sally to insert them in some of the cartoons; what do you think? BTW, aren’t you happy that Ami won? And Dan Lungren jsut faded away…

        Good talking to you.

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