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SallyT On December - 30 - 2012



Well, here we are at the end of 2012.  The world didn’t end. President Obama won re-election.  Congress hasn’t done much.  We are still at the fiscal cliff, not over, under, or around it.  So, as we take down the decorations, return gifts, face the bills, wait to see if congress can reach an agreement that we can live with, hope for peace in the Middle East and world wide, and work to control gun violence, how about we take a moment to find a smile.  Lets toast in 2013 with laughter, hope, and cheer.  I wish you all a safe, joyous, and Happy New Year!   ENJOY!

Night Before Christmas © John Deering,The Arkansas Democrat Gazette,night,parties,accomplished,Christmas 2012, fiscal cliff, political christmas 2012Take A Number © Marshall Ramsey,The Clarion Ledger, Jackson Mississippi,tax,fiscal cliff,solution,returnClay BennettTim Campbell - Indianapolis - 50 Shades Of 2012 - English - 2012, happy new year, father time, Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant - Happy New Year - English - Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - New Year 2013 advice - English - New Year, New years, 2013, new year baby, father time, cliff, fiscal cliff, warning, new years baby, stepDaryl Cagle - CagleCartoons.com - New Year Fiscal Cliff COLOR - English - New Year, New Years Day, Father Time, 2012, 2013, Fiscal Cliff, baby, fall, fiscal cliff, new year 2013

Christopher Weyant - The Hill - And A Partridge In A Pear Tree - English - congress, christmas, holiday, present, tax cuts, bush, sequestration, compromise, budget, deficit, debt, social security, entitlements, 12 days of christmas, song, Obama, BoehnerKen Catalino

Michael RamirezHouse Republicans © Jimmy Margulies,The Record of Hackensack, NJ,House Republicans,Fiscal cliff,Speaker Boehner,Budget deficit,new year 2013Matt WuerkerMike ThompsonMatt WuerkerPat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - Snow Job - English - Snow, Storm, GOP, Republicans, Bipartisan, Democratic, Democrats, Fiscal Cliff, Negotiations,

Chip Bok


Paresh Nath - The Khaleej Times, UAE - US Cliff Talks COLOR - English - USA Economy, fiscal cliff, deficit deal, Obama, Boehner, Congress, Speaker, Democrats, GOP, gulf, standoff, cliffhangers


Chuck Asay

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Pat OliphantWalt Handelsman

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Underwear for Christmas © Kirk Walters,Toledo Blade,boehner,Christmas 2012

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Pat Oliphant

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Jim Morin

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Chip BokSteve Breen

Dan Wasserman

John Cole - ncpolicywatch.com - LOCAL NC -- NC GUN SALES color - English - north carolina, gun sales, guns, nra, newtown, shootingsChan Lowe

Wolverton - Cagle Cartoons - LOCAL-CA Cal School Funding Overhaul COLOR - English - California, Schools, School funding, Taxes, Overhaul, Brown, Jerry Brown, Budget

Peter Nicholson - The Australian, Sydney, Australia - Businessmen for Ministry - English -

Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant - Egypt's Constitution - English - Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Russia bans US adoptions - English - Russian ban, adoptions, Russian orphan, children, kids, Putin, ban, American, orphansWalt HandelsmanRainer Hachfeld - Neues Deutschland, Germany - Anti- US-Adoption bill - English - Uncle Sam, Vladimir Putin, Babies

Anti- US-Adoption bill
BY RAINER HACHFELD, NEUES DEUTSCHLAND, GERMANYJeff DanzigerJimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Russian bans US adoptions color - English - Russia bans US adoptions, Putin, Vladmir Putin, US- Russian relations, Russian orphanagesJack Ohman

Emad Hajjaj - Jordan - Christmas in Syria - English - Christmas,Syria,Bashar Asad,Santa,carriage,bombs,war crimes,civil war,Emad Hajjaj,Middle east,Osama Hajjaj - Abu Mahjoob Creative Productions - Assads Battery - English - assad,battery,lowJimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Assault weapons - English - Assault weapons, Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, gun violence, gun control, NRA, gun lobby, guns, Syria, Bashar al Assad, Syrian uprising

Christmas in Syria
John Cole - The Scranton Times-Tribune - New Year magnums COLOR - English - NRA, GUNS, NEWTOWN, TUSCON, AURORA, SHOOTINGS, GUN CONTROL, NEW YEAR, 2013, GUN VIOLENCE
Rob Rogers
Businessmen for Ministry
Bill Day - Cagle Cartoons - GUN NUT - English - gun control, Sandy Hook, NRA, guns

Jeff DanzigerKen CatalinoSteve Breen

Nick Anderson

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Randall Enos - Cagle Cartoons - Wayne LaPierre - English - Wayne LaPierre, nra,gun lobby,newtown shooting,gun control,trayvon martin killing,george zimmermanArend Van Dam - politicalcartoons.com - bad guy good guy - English - NRA, ban guns, ban assault weapons, violent crime control, school shootings, stop a bad guy

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - NRA responds color - English - NRA, Wayne LaPierre, Guns, gun control, assault weapons, Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre, Gun lobbyJ.D. Crowe - Mobile Register - Finger gun - English - NRA, guns, school shooting_

Drew Sheneman

Steve Breen

Tony Auth

Luojie - China Daily, China - Gun control - English - Gun control,US,debate,crazy,dog,children

Gun control
Mike Luckovich
We all died on December 21 © Wolverton,Cagle Cartoons,End of World, Mayan Calendar, Doomsday, Guns, Assault weapons, MayanPaul SzepMichael Ramirez
Bound and GaggedFarcus

 Frank & ErnestChuckle Bros

BirdbrainsClose to HomeBlissDixie Drive


Cardow - The Ottawa Citizen - Ned claus COLOR - English - Christmas, bills, visa, mastercard, credit

Rob Rogers

Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Holiday Bills - English - holiday bills, needles, christmas tree, spending, credit cardsDan WassermanSame Old New Year Resolution © Ingrid Rice,British Columbia, Canada,resolution,insanity,weight,loss,santa,january,promise,new year 2013, santa 2012CowTown


For Better or For Worse


Peter Broelman - Australia - Christmas shopping store returns - English - Christmas,christmas shopping,Mayan calendar,end of the world,Mayans


Returns © Steve Nease,Freelance,returns,sweater,Christmas 2012, gifts, holiday bills


  Daily funny cartoons from CartoonStockDixie Drive
Moderately ConfusedBliss
Free RangeReality CheckOff the Mark
Drew Litton
Drew Litton

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Father Time 2012 color - English - Father Time 2012, Student loans, Student loan debt, Retirement, Retirees, Older workers

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - End of 2012 - English - End of 2012, apocalypse, end of world, doomsday, christmas spending, new year, 2013, predictions

Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Lucky 13 - English - lucky 13, 2013, new years

Kap - Spain - 2013 - English - 2013, year, change,

Christopher Weyant - The Hill - New Year's Toast - English - New Years Eve, 2012, baby, father time, bar, tragedy, fiscal cliff, 2012, tough, holiday, drink,

Cardow - The Ottawa Citizen - Future COLOR - English - 2012, 2013, baby, new, year, father, time, destiny, prophecy

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Written by SallyT

Retired, not by choice but the body said sit down! Married with two grown daughters and 3 grandchildren. Best friend is Mansion, my great dane. Love to laugh, love to make someone laugh, love to make new friends. I think I am a lot of fun but you can be the judge of that.

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  1. choicelady says:

    Hi Sally – back from holiday, and thank you as always for a GREAT compilation of contributions. No one is my “fave” since they ALL are grand, and where you find them remains an impressive mystery to me.

    Happy New Year – keep those cartoons rolling. I now read my local paper, the NYT, and you. Without YOU, the Sunday no longer is complete! THANK YOU!

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    • SallyT says:

      Without you and your kind words and of course your knowledge my days are not complete. Hope you had a great holiday and the beginning of the new year has been enjoyable. Here’s to the days ahead and our time together as friends! :)

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  2. Another great line up Sally. I especially like the guy at the returns desk, returning Congress, and the caption, “It doesn’t work.” Ain’t that the truth! :(

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  3. glenn says:

    Okay, Sally, this week I have a hands-down favorite! It’s the four branches of government. For the life of me, I cannot understand how one little poopyhead like grover norquist can hold so much power over our government.

    The rest of the cartoons were great; it’s just that grover’s hold on republicans/tpartiers has been a “pet peeve” of mine for quite some time. Not just in this election cycle, either. I will never understand how republicans can feign outrage over Bill Clinton getting a b.j. in the Oval Office; yet brag about their pledge to an unelected idiot. An unelected idiot who is married to one of “them American-hating muslims” nevertheless.

    Anyway, thanks for another great job, and taking the time to find all of these gems.

    I hope your New Year is everything you want it to be, and even more. I look forward to continuing to read your weekly Sunday Funnies, as well as “chatting” with you on Friday nights.

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    • glenn says:

      After I read Sally’s reply, and then re-read my post, I feel I must add a clarification regarding my comment on norquist’s wife being one of “them American-hating Muslims.” I hope I didn’t leave the impression that I feel it’s wrong for norquist to be married to a muslim. I put the part about muslims in quotes, because I think it’s something a t/partier might say; therefore I can’t understand their allegiance to a man who is married to someone that t/partiers hate just because she is a muslim.

      Anyway, just wanted to clarify that I don’t hate muslims. I hate muslim extremists, just as I hate all extremists, no matter what their religion, or political party.

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    • SallyT says:

      Glenn, I am glad you found a favorite among them and yes, I agree that Norquist is an idiot! Little twerp!

      You have a great and safe New Years and I will see you on here next year!

      Thank you for taking the time to tell me you enjoyed the funnies. Means a lot to me!

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