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SallyT On December - 9 - 2012

Are we there yet?  Are we at the cliff?  We are in the funnies along with the announcement of a Royal Birth a comin’.  Santa is here with some of the familiar faces and headaches.  The Pope is a Twitter?? And, just a few non-political funnies thrown in just for the fun of it.    Enjoy!


Ben Sargent


Christopher Weyant - The Hill - The Waiting Game - English - President, Obama, mistletoe, Christmas, budget, proposal, plan, deficit, negotiations, fiscal cliff, sequestration, waiting, GOP, Democrates, House, Congress, Senate, Boehner



Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle - New Debt Ceiling - English - Debt, ceiling, Obama

Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - Fiscal Cliff Compromise COLOR - English - barack obama, john boehner, speaker, house, president, politics, fiscal, cliff, tax hikes, taxes, negotiations, seal, balanced, compromise, congress, republicans, gop

Dan Wasserman

RJ Matson - Roll Call - Fiscal Cliff Averting Budget Deal Advent Calendar-COLOR - English - Fiscal Cliff Averting Budget Deal Advent Calendar,Congress,Christmas,Advent Calendar,Fiscal Cliff,Federal Budget,Budget Deal


RJ Matson - Roll Call - Butch Boehner and the Sundance President-COLOR - English - Butch Boehner and the Sundance President, President Obama, Speaker Boehner, John Boehner, Speaker of the House, Fiscal Cliff, Federal Budget, Taxes, Tax Rates, Tax the Rich, Entitlements, Social Security, Medicare

John Darkow - Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri - Digging in the Fiscal Cliff - English - Dig, Fiscal, Cliff, Republican, Democrat, Government, Politics, Warn, Fall, Money, 2012, Deadline


Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - A PARACHUTE FOR CHRISTMAS, COLOR - English - 		FISCAL CLIFF,ECONOMY,OBAMAhttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/91/2012/12/03/123303_600.jpg

Walt Handelsman

Robert Ariailhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/a60862102127013002cb001dd8b71c47

The Circular Argument © Bob Gorrell,National/Syndicated,fiscal cliff,argument,gop,tax,cuts,agreement

Tom Toleshttp://assets.amuniversal.com/77d474601fae01300237001dd8b71c47

Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - Fiscal Cliff Notes - English - McConnell, Boehner, Fiscal Cliff, Taxes, Norquist, Grover, Rich, Wealthy, 2, Top Earners, Republicans, Trickle Down, Tax Rates, GOP

John Cole - The Scranton Times-Tribune - Boehner and McConnell COLOR - English - john boehner, mitch mcconnell, gop, fiscal cliff, tax cuts for the rich, barack obama, congresshttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/20/2012/12/04/123380_600.jpg

Mitchthe turtleMcConnell Filibusters himself © Keith Tucker,Cagle.com,Debt Ceiling, Harry Reid , Mitch McConnell, US Senate, Barack Obama Debt Ceiling, Filibuster, Fiscal Cliff, Mcconnell, Mcconnell Filibuster, Mitch Mcconnell Filibuster, Reid Calls Mcconnells Bluff On Debt Ceiling, Mitch McConnell Filibusters himselfhttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/222/2012/12/07/123625_600.jpg

Pat Oliphanthttp://assets.amuniversal.com/03bbd9d01fc20130024c001dd8b71c47

Signe Wilkinsonhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/952476301fdb0130025b001dd8b71c47

Jeff Danzigerhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/26587c802111013002c2001dd8b71c47

Rob<br /><br />  Rogers

Tom Toles

Bill Day - Cagle Cartoons - CrocoBoehner Tears - English - fiscal cliff, John Boehner, crocodile tears, poor, women, children

CrocoBoehner Tears

Christopher Weyant - The Hill - Santa Disbelief - English - GOP, Republican, offer, Congress, counter, budget, deficit, debt, proposal, fiscal cliff, sequestration, White House, Obama, Democrats, Santa Claus, elf, belief, Christmas

David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - Not my Ebeneezer - English - congress, fiscal cliff, taxes

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Partisan wish lists - English - gop, partisan, republicans, santa, santa claus, st nick, wish list, presents, Christmas, Democrats, Democratic, spioled children kids, childish, tantrums, holidays,

Mike<br /><br />  Luckovich

Ben<br /><br />  Sargenthttp://assets.amuniversal.com/4266bf20206801300286001dd8b71c47

Michael Ramirez

Jeff Danzigerhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/f2326cb01ee7013001f9001dd8b71c47

Eric Allie - Caglecartoons.com - Economic Gods COLOR - English - Obama, economy, debt, eat the rich, class war, stupid economics, fair, tax rates, progressive church, faithhttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/62/2012/12/06/123503_600.jpg

Kevin<br /><br />  Kallaugher

Rob Rogers


Matt Bors

Chuck Asay

David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - wish list - English - congress

Jerry Holberthttp://assets.amuniversal.com/fc0bd470208d01300298001dd8b71c47

Jeff Stahler


Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - Cliffs of Insanity - English - Utah, Senate, Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch, Hatch, Orrin, UN, United Nations, Disabled, Treaty

Jim Morin

Stuart Carlson

Bill Day - Cagle Cartoons - Disabled and Discarded - English - disabled, congress, GOP, vets, vote

Disability Treaty © Chris Britt,The State Journal Register,bob dole,disability,treaty,denied,gop,message

Jack Ohman


Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - LOCAL- PA PAY RAISE, COLOR - English - PENNSYLVANIA, GOVERNMENT, RAISE, PAY


Joe Heller

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Superstorm Sandy Relief Concert color - English - Superstorm Sandy, FEMA, Federal Disaster<br /><br />  Relief, Governor<br /><br />  Christie, Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo

Mike Thompsonhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/8dbe7a8020370130026f001dd8b71c47

Gov Rick Snyder © Randall Enos,Cagle Cartoons,Gov Rick Snyder,michigan,right to work law,union busting,unions

LOCAL OH   Lame Duck Session © Nate Beeler,The Columbus Dispatch,ohio, legislature, statehouse, gift, christmas, wrapping, present, lame, duck, session

Jeff Parker - The News-Press, Ft Myers, FL - LOCAL FL Florida's Electoral Culture Is Bananas - English - Elections, voting, Florida, county, supervisor, problems, polls, long lines, delays, legislature, mandates, laws, changes, reform, ID, early, ballot, amendments, voter

Chan Lowe



RJ Matson - Roll Call - The Rice Card-COLOR - English - The Rice Card, Susan Rice, Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State, Libya, Iraq, Benghazi, WMD, Intelligence, CIA, Senate, Politics

Taylor Jones - El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico - Susan Rice goes round and round - English - rice,susan rice,UN,ambassador,secretary of state,benghazi,libya,mccain,john mccain,graham,lindsey graham,knife,throwing

Matt Wuerker


David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - McRage - English - McCain,benghazi


Daryl Cagle - CagleCartoons.com - To Spite Your Face COLOR - English - elephant,GOP,Republican,noce,trunk,taxes,tax,spending,fiscal cliff,budget,Grover Norquist,pledge

Bill Day - Cagle Cartoons - Wacky Packy - English - Grover Norquist, taxes, pledge, GOP

RJ Matson - Roll Call - Dear Grover Letters-COLOR - English - Dear Grover Letters, Grover Norquist, Tax Cut Pledge, Taxes, Republicans, Congress, House, Senate, Federal Budget, Deficits, Revenue, Tax Rates

Milt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Noquist - English - grover norquist, taxes, pledge, congress, defects, republicans

Steve Benson

Paul Szephttp://assets.amuniversal.com/559ea4c01f6e01300219001dd8b71c47

Forbes 2012 © Marian Kemensky,Slovakia,forbes,pope,obama,eurohttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/177/2012/12/06/123522_600.jpg

Christopher Weyant - The Hill - Demints - English - Jim Demint, GOP, Republican, South Carolina, Senator, Senate, resign, resignation, Heritage Foundation, money, Tea Party, Altoids, tin, sellout


Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com -<br /><br />  Israel and settlements<br /><br />  - English - building, new settlements, mideast, middle east, construction, west bank

New Settlement © Jeff Darcy,The Cleveland Plain Dealer,palestine,settlement,state,netanyahu,un

Emad Hajjaj - Jordan - Israel's settlements - English - UN vote for Palestine,UN membership,observer member,president Abbas,Netanyahu,Israel,Obama,bulldozer,UN seat,objection,Peace treaty,occupation,Jewish settlers,Palestinian lands,Middle east,Emad Hajjaj,

Kap - La Vanguardia, Spain - Palestine Observer state - English - Palestine, Observer state, UNO, israel, mideasthttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/114/2012/12/03/123327_600.jpg

Steve Greenberg - Freelance, Los Angeles - Non-observer - English - Non-observer,state,UN,United Nations,Abbas,Palestine,Palestinians, gaza fighting,Gaza

Dana Summers

Views of the World

Chan Lowe

Patrick Chappatte - The International Herald Tribune - Egyptian Democracy - English - Egypt, Democracy, Morsi, Muslim brothers, Islam, Power, Parliament, God

Olle Johansson - Sweden - Egypt's president - English - Mursi, President Egypt, People, Revolution, Cairo, Democracy,

Jeff Danziger

Egypts Fiscal Cliff © Ken Catalino,National/Syndicated,egypt,cliff,democracy,morsi,pharoh-mohamed-morsi

Dana Summers

Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - SYRIAN GRINCH, COLOR - English - SYRIA, ASSAD, REBELS, ATTACKS, REBELLION

Rob Rogers

Brian Adcock - The Scotland - British Local Election Round-Up - English - by-election, round-up, labour, conservative, liberal democrat, UKIP, podium, election, local elections, ed miliband, nigel farage, david cameron, nick clegg, toilet

Brian Adcock - The Scotland - British Government Struggles With Economy - English - god help us, economy, british government, recovery, david cameron, george osborne, nick clegg, road, stick to the course, no plan b, plan b, http://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/61/2012/12/03/123318_600.jpg

Paul Zanetti - Australia - Interest Rates - English - http://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/76/2012/12/05/123476_600.jpg


Brian Adcock - The Scotland - Trumps Battle With Scottish Wind Farms - English - Donald Trump, trump, wind farms, wind turbines, hideous, tourists, scotttish, scotland, golf courses, golf, environment, renewables,http://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/61/2012/12/03/123315_600.jpg

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Karl Rove and Fox News - English -

Jeff Danziger

Animal Nuz 122 © Eric Lewis,Animal Nuz,news,obama,scam,interest,fish,collegehttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/196/2012/12/07/123590_600.jpg

Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - The Pope Joins Twitter COLOR - English - pope, twitter, vatican, internet, social media, rome, catholic, church, catholicism, retweet, prayer, confession, benedict, christian, tweet

Dan Wasserman

Rob Rogers

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Pope on Twitter - English - Pope on Twitter, Catholics, Pope Benedict, The Vatican, Birth Control, Cafeteria Catholics

Legalize Pot © Gary Varvel,The Indianapolis Star News,tobacco,legalize,pot,smoke,kill,death

Jeff Danziger

Coal © Cardow,The Ottawa Citizen,NHL,lockout,Gary,Bettman,hockey,santa 2012

Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - A Very Hockey Christmas COLOR - English - nhl, lockout, santa, christmas, holiday, ice, hockey, nhlpa, national hockey league, sports, blue jackets, columbus, ice skates, cookies, milk, stockings, kids, children, fansPaul Zanetti - Australia - Christmas Lights - English - christmas,lights,power,bill,electricity,heathttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/76/2012/12/05/123477_600.jpg

Steve Kelley

Lalo Alcarazhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/a05247d0212e013002d0001dd8b71c47

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Citigroup job cuts - English - Citigroup job cuts, 11000, pink slips, layoffs

Larry Wright - CagleCartoons.com - COLOR Fiscal Gifts - English - fiscal cliff, Christmas, gifts

Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle - Seasonal Workers - English - Jobless, Unemployment, Christmas, Thanksgiving, seasonal, workers

Flu Shots © Jeff Koterba,Omaha World Herald, NE,santa,flu shot,sick,kids,gift,santa-2012


Mike<br /><br />  Luckovich

Romney's Legacy © Randall Enos,Cagle Cartoons,romney,romneys dog,santa,tree,car, political christmas,Christmas, Christmas 2012

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Obamacare color - English - Obamacare, Health insurance, Santa Claus, Christmas, business coverage of health insurance

Jim Morinhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/d957dd4022270130035a001dd8b71c47

Jeff Parker - Florida Today and the Fort Myers News-Press - LOCAL FL Rick Scott Finally Embraces Obamacare - English - Governor,Rick Scott,Obamacare,affordable care act,health insurance,uninsured,Florida,led,lawsuit,tea party,US Supreme court,ruling,constitutional,Romney,presidential,bid,campaign,repeal,exchange,federal

LOCAL FL Rick Scott Finally Embraces Obamacare

Matt Davies

Tim Eagan - Deep Cover - Bubba Bubble - English - bubba bubble,kim kardashian,taxes,obama,muslim,redneckhttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/108/2012/12/06/123521_600.jpg

Robert Ariailhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/a0635c901fc00130024a001dd8b71c47

Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - Tea Party Flag COLOR - English - tea party, conservative, infighting, social, agenda, issues, gadsden, flag, snake, knot, desertions, election, 2012, demint, freedomworks, dick armey, politics, republican, party, dont tread on me


Adam Zyglis - The Buffalo News - Tax Cuts COLOR - English - tax cuts, gop, rich, middle class, bush, obama, budget, debt, fiscal cliff, negotiations, christmas, stockings, gifts, politics, washington

Drew Sheneman

Milt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Makers Vs Takers - English - democrats, republicans, gop, outsourcing, jobs, unemployment, economy, election, 2012


 Jim Morin
Tom<br /><br />  Toles
Ted Rallhttp://assets.amuniversal.com/aa0915601bc0013000e0001dd8b71c47
Matt Bors

Clay Bennett

Stuart Carlson

Non Sequitur

Non Sequitur


John Darkow - Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri - North Pole Melting - English - Waders,Water,North Pole,Santa,Kids,List,Useful,Arctic,Ice,Melt,Sheet,Fast Fish,Jump, climate change, global warming



Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Twelve Months - English - Twelve Months, days of christmas, global warming, climate change, deniers, weather, sea levels, polar bears, drought, heathttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/77/2012/12/04/123405_600.jpg

Mike Lester

Dave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - William and Kate expecting - English - Dutchess Kate, Princess Kate, Prince William, Royal couple, pregnant, baby, press, paparazzi, media, UK, England, royalty


Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - A ROYAL BABY, COLOR - English - WILLIAM, KATE, ROYALTY, ENGLAND, ROYAL FAMILY, BABY, QUEEN, BUCKINGHAM PALACEhttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/91/2012/12/05/123452_600.jpg

Henry Payne

Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant - Kate and William Having a Baby - English -

Aislin - The Montreal Gazette - Royal pregnancy - English - England, Royals, pregnancy

Steve Breen

Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Royal Baby - English - royal baby, prince william, kate, england, new years, tv, Duchess of Cambridge, Duke, Middleton, pregnant


Jeff Stahler

Royal Baby © Steve Nease,Freelance,kate,william,baby,pregnancy,sickness,morning,nauseous,royal-baby

Americas Morning Sickness © Gary Markstein,The Milwakee Journal Sentinel,partisan,gridlock,tax,morning,sickness,america,boehner-stalled


Marshall Ramsey

Jim Morin

Mike Lester

Dana Summershttp://assets.amuniversal.com/1882b41020bb013002b3001dd8b71c47


Mike Luckovich

Washboard Belly © Marian Kemensky,Slovakia,washboard,belly,abshttp://media.caglecartoons.com/media/cartoons/177/2012/12/07/123605_600.jpg

Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - Teen Burden - English - Teenagers, Teen, Adolescence, Angst, Burden, Suicide, Teen Suicide, Intervention, Parents, Bullying

Chip Bok



Jazz Ambassador © Mark Streeter,The Savannah Morning News,jazz,ambassador,dead,death,jazz,ambassador,dave brubeck, best of inmemoriam,inmemoriam 2012

Dave Brubeck © Kevin Siers,The Charlotte Observer,death,dead,dave brubeck,music,life,career,musician,inmemoriam-2012

Clay Bennett






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Written by SallyT

Retired, not by choice but the body said sit down! Married with two grown daughters and 3 grandchildren. Best friend is Mansion, my great dane. Love to laugh, love to make someone laugh, love to make new friends. I think I am a lot of fun but you can be the judge of that.

12 Responses so far.

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  1. bito says:

    This isn’t even close to being anything as funny as what you have posted, in fact the funniest thing is probably seeing Ole’ Bob get all giggly.

    Fiscal farce? Comics have a laugh at “cliff” debate

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  2. kesmarn says:

    Sally, hope it’s not too late to add one more:


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  3. Another great compilation Sally. Love the “Rice Card.” I also like the tributes to Dave Brubeck, and the one with the two-headed elephant. The TP really has done more damage than good for the GOPers.

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    • SallyT says:

      KT, see I am a little sick in the head because my favorite is the two birds in the tree and snow falling…….it’s not political but it made me laugh along with the two blind people on the park bench and their seeing eye dogs. I just thought it would be good to add a few that weren’t political now and then. ;)

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  4. choicelady says:

    Good morning, Sally -- another lovely “must read” in addition to local papers and the Sunday Times. Love the selections indeed!

    We had the Pope Tweeting his 15th-century standards, and wow did THAT create an uproar! Defenders of the Pope equated mocking him with dissing Mohammed (pbuh) or other saintly and divine figures. Hello? The Pope is a MAN. No one got mad at the New Yorker cartoon some years ago where the (probably vegan) Dalai Lama says to a hot dog vendor, “Make me one with everything.” That is actually a VERY funny play on words -- and probably so to the Dalai. After the beating our president took, calling out the Pope for pretending to be hip is pretty tame. So thank you for including the cartoon so now the whole WORLD can see it!

    Have a lovely remains of the day. We look forward to seeing your entries next week. This feature has become a treasured part of the Sunday routine for me and, I think, most of us. Thanks again as always.

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  5. glenn says:

    Okay, Sally, you’ve done it again. Great job! Once again, difficult to choose a favorite, so I’ve got two. The McConnell turtle on the filibuster (the one that looks like a Dr. Seuss cartoon) and the “Rice card”. As you told me Friday night, you had some good ones coming, and you delivered. I must admit, political cartoonists are great; I don’t know how many more ways they can come up with to show the nonsense of the “fiscal cliff”. Yet they just keep coming up with ways to amuse us in the midst of all this stupidity. Thanks for all you do to bring these gems to us.

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    • SallyT says:

      Glenn, thank you liking them! I thought you might like the Bubba Bubble one, too. I laughed at the McConnell turtle out loud when I found that one. Kinda looks like him. :)

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      • glenn says:

        Sally, the Bubba Bubble does pretty well describe the people who live around me. One day, my neighbor, said something about “the idiot in the WH”, and I told her that I didn’t think he was an idiot, and she looked at me as if I had two heads. Funny…that’s how I look at most of them, ’cause you must have to have two heads to be a republican/tpartier. That way you’re not talking out of both sides of your mouth; you’re talking either out of the far, far right head, or the just far right head. Or, some might say they’re talking out of the “little head”, which is appropriate also. Anyway, Happy Sunday!

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