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SallyT On November - 4 - 2012

Welcome to a collection of the political and other cartoons from the week and beyond.  I will post every Sunday a collection of cartoons from the previous week. With a funnies section, we will be able to have them together for all to enjoy and keep our comments relating together with them.  Let me know your favorite!  Please feel free to add your own.  And, check back because additions will pop up during the week, too.  I hope to see you in the funnies!

Hajo de Reijger - The Netherlands - Obama, Romney and Sandy COLOR - English - Barack Obama,Mitt Romney,Sandy,storm,presidential elections 2012,campaign,house,Buster Keaton,hurricane, political storm

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Hurricane Sandy aftermath color - English - Hurricane Sandy,Hurricane Sandy Aftermath,Political map,Red States,Blue states,Storm damage,Frankenstorm,Climate change,rising sea levels,frankenstorm, political stormDave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Hurricane Sandy floods NYC - English - New York, New York City, NYC, East Coast, disaster, storm, Super storm, mega storm, frankenstormJohn Cole - The Scranton Times-Tribune - Obama and Christie COLOR - English - BARACK OBAMA,CHRIS CHRISTIE,NEW JERSEY,HURRICANE SANDY,FRANKENSTORM,BIPARTISANSHIP,2012 ELECTION,GOP,DEMOCRAT, hurricane christie,frankenstorm, political storm

Larry Wright - CagleCartoons.com - COLOR Superstorm Sandy - English - storm warning, candidatesRandall Enos - Cagle Cartoons - Major Disaster - English - Hurricane Sandy,romney,presidential electionJohn Darkow - Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri - Global Warming Deniers - English - Deny, Global, Warming, News, Live, Report, Hurricane, Sandy, Opinion, Fox, Newsroom, Superstorm, Storm, Super, Decimate, Cold

Jimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Christie and Obama color - English - Christie and Obama, Hurricane politics, Hurricane relief, 2012 campaign, Chris Christie, Governor ChristieChristopher Weyant - The Hill - GOP Disaster Relief - English - GOP,Republican,disaster,relief,FEMA,Romney,government,Frankenstorm,super storm,Sandy,New Jersey,East Coast,hurricane,house,flood,New York,DC,Obama,Chris Christie,aid

Iain Green - The Scotsman, Scotland - SANDY, OBAMA AND ROMNEY - English - US, presidential election, hurricane, storm, sandy, obama, romney, new york, barack obama, mitt romneyDave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Severely undecided voters - English - 		undecided,vote,election,uncommitted,last minute,polls,2012,Obama,romney,mitt,gop,Democrats,republicans,left,right,forwardPatrick Chappatte - The International Herald Tribune - Talking about Sandy - English - USA, Climate, Presidential Election 2012, Obama, Romney, Natural Disaster, Global Warming, Environment, Hurricane, Weather, Climate, Sandy

John Cole - The Scranton Times-Tribune - Hurricane Mitt COLOR - English - MITT ROMNEY, GOP, HURRICANE, SANDY, FLIP-FLOP, 2012 ELECTIONAdam Zyglis - The Buffalo News - FEMA COLOR - English - mitt,romney,election,fema,primaries,conservative,eliminate,president,climate change,sandy,weather,politics,best of romney, hurricane, political stormJimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Romney and FEMA color - English - Romney, Mitt Romney, FEMA, Hurricane Sandy, Federal Government, Emergency Disaster relief

Andy Singer - Politicalcartoons.com - Romney on Climate Change - English - Mitt,mitt,Romney,romney,Andrea,Saul,global,warming,climate,change,greenhouse,gas,gases,carbon,emission,emissions,emit,hurricanes,Sandy,sea,level,flood,floods,flooding,New,Jersey,York,Manhattan,environment,environmental,oil,petroleum,hurricane, political storm, romney femaDave Granlund - Politicalcartoons.com - Bloomberg and NYC Marathon - English - Mayor Bloomberg, Sandy, hurricane sandy, flooding, disaster, marathon, backlash, recovery, help, victims, New York City, New York, NY, storm aid, anger, unrestJimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Global warming denial color - English - Global warming denial, Global warming, climate change, Hurricanes, Hurricane Sandy, extreme weatherNate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - The Disney Side of the Force COLOR - English - disney, star wars, lucasfilm, acquire, george lucas, media, entertainment, film, mickey mouse, movies, trilogy, death star, star destroyer, tie fighter, forceFrederick Deligne - Nice-Matin, France - Disney Star Wars - English - disney,lucas,starwars,movie,leia,snow white

J.D. Crowe - Mobile Register - May the Disney farce be with you - English - disney, lucasfilm, star wars

J.D. Crowe - Mobile Register - Ted Turner's Twisted Tongue - English - Ted Turner, military suicides

Milt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Really - English - sandy, storm, new york, climate change, weatherJimmy Margulies - The Record of Hackensack, NJ - Post -storm living without power color - English - Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Sandy aftermath, Living without power, homes without power, power outages, electric utilities, power companies

Milt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Capitalism - English - capitalism, economy, socialism, america, united statesMilt Priggee - www.miltpriggee.com - Energy Byproducts - English - energy, byproducts, coal, nuclear, natural gas, solar, tracking, radioactive, electricity, ash

David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - Halloween costume - English - Halloween, Romney, Ryan

David Fitzsimmons - The Arizona Star - latino vote - English - latinos, latino vote, election

Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune - Climate Bluster - English - Climate Change, Fox , Fox News, Sandy, Hurricane, Global Warming, Eastern Seaboard, Disaster, Denial, Warming

Cardow - The Ottawa Citizen - Journalism Award RGB - English - journalism, reporter, reporting, hurricane, sandy, dangerous, jobs, occupation, health, safety

Nate Beeler - The Columbus Dispatch - Wall Street Underwater COLOR - English - wall street,new york,nyc,manhattan,hurricane,sandy,frankenstorm,mortgage,economy,stock,market,banks,bankers,bank,home,housing,foreclosure,homeowner,first responder,bull,statue,flood,weather,loan,underwater,powerlessPetar Pismestrovic - Kleine Zeitung, Austria - Duell - English - Barack Obama,Mitt Romney,Election,President,Democrats,Republicans,USA,final election countdown Joe Heller - Green Bay Press-Gazette - Mars - English - mars, rover, soil, hawaii, obama, birtherAngel Boligan - El Universal, Mexico City, www.caglecartoons.com - Post Sandy / COLOR - Spanish - tormenta, sandy, bandera, new york, agua, inundacionesArend Van Dam - politicalcartoons.com - relief donations - English - relief donations, superstorm victims, Sandy victims, relief fund

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Written by SallyT

Retired, not by choice but the body said sit down! Married with two grown daughters and 3 grandchildren. Best friend is Mansion, my great dane. Love to laugh, love to make someone laugh, love to make new friends. I think I am a lot of fun but you can be the judge of that.

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  1. bito says:

    Pretty much the whole Daily Show is worth watching, so pick a segment. Anyone allergic to jokes about Fox “news” should watch for any reaction like high blood pressure, redness in the face, or un- controlled foaming of the mouth…


    Here is the opening segment:

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  2. kesmarn says:

    The view this morning from Lucas County, Ohio:


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  3. SallyT says:

    Somethings never change….Cartoons from the Past Year 2000





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  4. Very cool Sally. I really like the ones about global warming deniers. How anybody can still not believe in climate change after Sandy, is beyond me. What are they waiting for, total death and destruction?

    Happy B Day, belatedly!

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  5. SallyT says:

    Murph, this one is for you and to help you show how greed would have it if they have it their way!


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  6. kalie says:

    Very funny, Thanks Sally!

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  7. bito says:

    Well now I have no reason to get up on Sundays to get the news paper! I can read the news on Kalima’s Morning Blog http://planetpov.com/2012/04/23/morning-blog-4/comment-page-1/#comment-191528 then read the eclectic collection on TO/OT and finish it off with the Sunday Funnies! I got it made!

    Now I need to figure out how to get a cup of coffee (in my MB mug)and sweet roll! We need to start a catering service!

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  8. Sally absolutely hilarious and brilliant addition to the Planet. I was chuckling all the way through them. I think the the first one tickled me the most but they were all great.

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