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jkkFL On May - 23 - 2011
Parking ticket in Cambridge (2008-04-01)

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Ever get a ticket for a parking violation?
Ever have your car towed?
Did you make an ass of yourself over it?
Good News!! You can see how you looked, if you watch Parking Wars!

Parking Wars is filmed in Philadelphia, and shows the underbellies of everyone who has been thru this embarrassment!
It’s on late for a reason; language, and some serious confrontations with the PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority, the agency who enforces parking violations.)
These people issue parking tickets, ‘boot vehicles’, and tow cars,
They also show people trying to pick up their cars from the impound lots. Thats where the stupid Really comes out!
There are All kinds of people in the world- and if you watch this show, you will meet a large majority of them!

A lady attending a Baptist convention parked in a No Parking zone- and told the Issuer of her parking ticket, ” I didn’t know it was a No Parking Zone, so I’m wrong. God Bless You.”
The next ‘Convention Lady’ had her entire conversation bleeped!
My favorite?
Guy double parks to pick up his order from a deli, gets ticket.
Asks Agent why he got a ticket.
She states he was double parked- he says “I was just getting my order- I didn’t double park!”

They get spit on, threatened and attacked.
One lady locked herself in her car, and refused to come out or unlock the door- even for the Police. The car was eventually towed , but it took several members of Law Enforcement almost an hour to get her out!
If your rental is towed; don’t even think of recovering the car if you send your wife; your buddy, or your Boss to collect the car.

If you are underage- yo’ momma has to come with you; so she will find out about your parking tickets in the glove box, that your license is suspended for speeding tickets, that you have not paid your insurance and when all is said and done- she Will find your underwear in the seat- because She has to drive your car home after shelling out Big Bucks to get your ’99 Cadillac out of the impound lot!

I often wonder if a sequal could be Parking Wars- Homicide.

Parking Wars airs on A&;E at 10PM, Saturdays.
Check it out; but Beware, you might see your alter ego on camera!!

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Written by jkkFL

*Colts fan *Cubs fan *Rays fan *Sports fan! ...and Permanent Planet Resident ;)

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  1. Chernynkaya says:

    Jkk--you and my husband are cut from the same cloth--he laughs his ass off at shows like this! His favorite is Repo Wars (or something like that). I hear him watching in our bedroom and I love to hear how he laughs out loud.

    I have a love/hate relationship with parking enforcement: I love when they tow cars blocking lanes in rush hour traffic here in L.A. and of course hate them when I get a ticket for a meter that has expired--which I haven’t gotten in years. But when I was a student, man! I got a ticket or two every week! A few years ago their was a scandal here, when a local news show proved that the city was ticketing cars at broken meters--meters that were deliberately rigged! WOW--what an outcry that was!

    • jkkFL says:

      Cher, You know- we may be distant cousins!
      I too watch Repo Wars- have you ever SEEN Sonia???
      If SHE came to pick up my car- I would give her the car, my purse, my cats and my jewelry!! 😉
      She is 350#(?) of scary broad!
      I guess it’s easy for me to laugh at Parking wars, because I don’t commute downtown, and avoid ALL interstates at rush hour!
      Parking Wars is a bit less intense than Operacion Repo, because they are publicly contracted.
      Repo is a private company with some large, angry folks with hairtrigger tempers!
      People hate the PPA because it is a private company with a city contract, so they assume there is abuse of power; but I don’t see it..
      Watch it, sometime, you’ll laugh. :)

  2. choicelady says:

    jkkFL -- I’m unaware of the program, but I’m NOT unaware of the Problem Parkers!

    The worst were in Boston. In the infrequent moments I was fool enough to take a car into the city, I used to have to drive north on Charles Street (when it flowed in that direction) to I-93. Created in colonial times, Charles Street is not wide. There are three lanes with two more for parking all crammed into what once was a much more narrow street. Inevitably, at rush hour two things happened: there were an unauthorized FIVE lanes of cars trying to get to the expressway onramp AND two of the authorized three lanes were filled up with double parked cars (who were, I’m sure, just picking up deli orders.) What a mess.

    They say that the big money in Boston is car theft. I say it’s body work. Almost no one exits Boston streets intact.

    Parkers in Boston are utterly indifferent to where and how they arrive at curbside. The father of a friend once exited his vehicle only to be accosted by a police office who said to him, “You don’t PARK. You ABANDON.”

    With cities slavering for money, raising parking fees, lowering parking time durations, and slapping heavier charges on miscreants all will result in more and more tickets, towing, impounds to generate needed cash for cities. At some point it becomes a lot more sane just to park free in outlying lots and take public transit. It saves a lot of wear and tear on your pocketbook -- not to mention your psyche. And you’ll never get caught on video looking like a jerk.

    • jkkFL says:

      clady, that is an issue everywhere-but this show makes me laugh so hard- I just had to share!
      You get Both sides- the irate “Victim,” and the comments flying between the people who have to deal with them! Hearing what the enforcement people are saying, reminds me of the days I spent in healthcare- (if people only knew! 😉
      Philly is crazy, because they have Many timed parking areas; ‘you can’t park here after 3pm’ types of things, which catch people (and tourists) offguard!
      And as you said- many people Don’t Park- They do Abandon!!
      And They do catch Tons of jerks on video! It’s great fun on a later Saturday night! :)
      *edit: Kudos to Kalima for finding a pic of car with a parking ticket on it!
      Hope it wasn’t yours! 😉

      • choicelady says:

        Great to know about the show -- I lived in Philly, too, but did not have a car then. See what I missed?

        I will watch, I’m sure I will laugh, and thanks for a great lead to something just plain FUNNY.

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