Friday Music Thread – Peace, Love and Taking It To The Man

Hey man, some funky guy named Adlib let me write this, I had to tell someone! I just had like the totally weirdest trip!

I was groovin’ to Jimi’s new album and just finished building my greatest invention…the electric magnetic turbo bong! I probably shouldn’t have tried it out with that crazy thai stick…or sprinkled plutonium in the bowl…but there was like a freaky bright flash and like everything’s changed! It’s like I’m in the future…or Utah or something.

So like I turn on this picture frame thing and it’s a fuckin’ tv! Just like Star Trek! And I’m flipping to find Laugh In and I find this totally fucked up show that they call Fox News.  I kept waiting for the joke but it’s like one long sketch that never ends. Fortunately, I had a lude to chill me out and then I started to realize that this shit was for real!

Jesus, The Man has his own tv channel now, dedicated to fascist propaganda, what a fuckin’ rip! That deserved a second lude. Then I thought, man, think of all the protests in the streets, all the protest songs, the smog from all the draft cards being burned. I trucked outside and it was  like fuckin’, Night of the Living Dead (not Grateful). Dudes and chicks just going about things like nothin’s going on! What the fuck?

There’s all these wars going on, The Establishment Pigs are taking over America big time and dudes are just sitting at home playing Pong! That’s fucked up! You gotta get back to what’s  going on where I’m from, fighting The Man, protesting war,  coming together to recruit, plan and take action, marches, love ins…what was I saying…did I say love-ins?

Stop rapping about why you’re different or smarter or your little feelings are hurt and fuckin’ come together over the big things you all have in common or The Man will divide and conquer your asses. Unity, man, no matter how much money The Establishment has, we totally outnumber them, they can’t stop 100 million people pushing them into the sea.

So, this Adlib dude said you guys play tunes on Fridays and I said, let me handle this one bro, you dudes need some inspiration from my time to come together and bring power back to the people. So here’s a little something from me to you…but like don’t take the brown acid…it wasn’t supposed to be brown, I left the baggie on the floor and my dog Che had that itchy butt thing and scooted right over it. Still, it will get you high, man.

Otherwise, here are some tunes about peace, coming together and fighting The Man, pass ‘em along and share some of your own…but don’t Bogart this joint!

Power to the People – John Lennon

All Along the Watch Tower – Jimi Hendrix

For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield (for WTS)

Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Peace Train – Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

All You Need is Love – The Beatles

  1. The Battle for common ground was not just a 60’s and 70’s Cry, but still remains today. perhaps under a different guise, but still with Hope for Change of the current issues…. I Give you….

    Rise Against…. Behind Closed Doors with lyrics.

    • Ah yes, the Smothers Brothers………….Kicked off of TV for their “thinking”. They brought ‘Hair’ to the Aquarius Theatre in LA. It helped to open my eyes. It was so good with the authors playing the lead parts. Ben Vereen and Jenifer(sp) Warnes also in the cast. Thanks for bringing these guys in.