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bito On November - 19 - 2010

Thank You, Kalima

This week The Planet celebrates a year of Kalima’s Morning Blog.  I had planned to send her funds to take a world-wide trip, but then I realized then she wouldn’t post, and I would miss her Morning Blog.  Instead I wish that she continues in taking me on an excursion into the news from around the globe and accepts my thanks.

I am an addict and an abuser, I confess.  I read have many of her comments, her introductions, her pov’s, her links to the news and cultures from abroad and neglect to leave her a comment or a least a note of appreciation of my enjoyment.  At times, I have felt like a thief in the morning, or like the greedy boss stealing one’s time and labors.  Heh, is that not the first step, to confess?  However,  I do promise, I will not quit!   I will continue reading the MB.

What the Morning Blog is, is  both immeasurable and measurable.  It not only gives us a glimpse of the world beyond our often tunneled vision of the U.S., but it generates hits on search engines and readers to The Planet that make us all shine (except for some of my posts and comments).

So Kalima,  I want to thank you for you tireless work and  for your starting my days with news,  thoughts, smiles and wonderment.

Thank You, Dear One .

(Now what are the answers to tomorrow’s  quiz!  I want that mug!!)

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Written by bito

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