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AdLib On July - 28 - 2010

A federal judge today blocked many of the key provisions of the Arizona Immigration law. Score one for the Constitution and rationality.

Aside from the aspects of this law that institutionalized racism (giving BS lip service to, “We won’t racially profile while we’re racially profiling.”), this law created a huge government intrusion into Americans’ lives.

For the Repubs, yes, Mexican Americans, Arab Americans, etc. are Americans too even though they’re not Anglo Americans.

But the buzz among the MSM is less about the details and more about, “Does this hurt the Democrats in November?” “Does this hurt Obama?” So, though the MSM wants to shove every issue into the political horse race meat grinder, the judge seems to have actually considered the practical ramifications of the AZ police arresting a massive amount of people and having to verify their citizenship or else be sued by citizens for not fully enforcing the law.

The net result would be innocent Americans being detained for undetermined amounts of time though they did nothing illegal, enormous costs to the AZ taxpayers and a squandering of law enforcement resources to house and process all of the people caught up in this poorly thought out law.

Meanwhile, McCain and Kyl block any attempt at a sensible immigration law wailing “NO AMNESTY!”, along with the rest of Republicans, because it’s to their political advantage to rile up the RW who hate “ferners” and non-whites…while attacking Congress for not passing reform. As with gay marriage and abortion, they don’t want a solution, they want the issue to continue because it helps raise money for their campaigns and rally their voters to the polls.

When the SCOTUS rules in favor of corporations, the GOP heralds the judicial process. When a state’s immigration law is found to conflict with federal jurisdiction, the judicial process is corrupt.

It’s like playing Monopoly with a self-centered eight year old brat, when things go his way, it’s great. When they don’t, he knocks the pieces around or kicks the board over. He doesn’t respect the rules unless they work for him. He isn’t there to play a game, he’s there to win a game and anything that gets between him and winning is the enemy.

Just as with the RW/Rove method of calling those who complain about racism, “racists”, we continue to be spiraling down in the world of public discourse, we seem to now matter-of-factly accept that one party (and one news network) are openly racist but because they make a strong argument for why they shouldn’t be viewed for what they are, many let them off the hook.

Will open racism end when a white man is president again? Sadly, I think it may decrease when those who are racist “feel” like white people are in control again.

We can thank The Founders for not making federal judgeships elected positions, one can only imagine how much worse this nation would be with judges pandering to Tea Partiers and Birthers.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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