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Tiger99 On January - 2 - 2010

Often have we all discussed the huge mess our President inherited from the last administration.. We have all been witness to a year of exceedingly high expectations for solutions to complicated problems… We watched as “Politics” became more important than addressing the issues in a honest and forthright manner… Sometimes the sheer stupidity and the ability to complicate matters is mind numbing…

How often in the course of discussion do we  hear “If I was in charge____, If it was up to me____, All they have to do is____, and Why don’t  they just do_____?” offering simple solutions to what appears to be  complex issues… Or are they really complex? Is complexity  a tool of obstruction?

I was inspired to write this post because of the diversity of articles posted and responses posted on the Planet in just the last 2 weeks alone… My curiosity has been peaked at what each of  us would do if “we were in charge“… I think the obvious would be Universal Health Care and World Peace… So excluding those two issues, what else do you feel could be fixed with a simple/common sense approach to that issue/problem?

I will offer one and am looking forward to hearing yours…

Gun Control – This issue should be more about People With Guns Control, after all guns themselves are harmless… Forensics has taught us that almost every gun has it’s own fingerprint created from patterns on bullets from the rifling in barrel… My solution would be:

1. Make it mandatory for Gun Manufactures in the US and the Companies that  import Guns to register that fingerprint to the serial # on gun  into a National Data Base…

2. When a Gun is sold make it mandatory that the person/citizen selling the gun is responsible for recording the information of the person the gun was sold to and sending/registering that info to the Data Base…

3. Fine those who fail to do so impose a  minimum of $10,000  for first offense and escalate the penalties for repeat offenders…

If these 3 simple rules were put in effect it would close the Gun show Loophole, make it easier for Law Enforcement to track down criminals who use guns in committing crimes, force the individual to be held responsible for  the guns they own and sell, and force the Gun Lobby to show their “true colors” when it comes to responsible gun ownership in this country…

So what would you implement in a form of solution to an issue or problem if your where “On Top Of The World“?

Categories: Observations

Written by Tiger99

"When You Vote The For Lesser Of Two Evils You Still Vote For Evil" - Tiger99

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