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BlueStateMan On November - 14 - 2009


Yesterday, NASA expanded on the discovery of water on & below the Lunar Surface…

SOME ask why, when we have problems at home to deal with, we spend money on things like space exploration. This DOES deal with some of them.

Imagine low gravity communities that can help those with spinal injuries, arthritis, paralysis, etc…. Imagine creating a small enclosed devise that could replicate this phenomenon.. water to vapor to water to vapor.. a never ending cycle that could run turbines, generators, AUTOMOBILES.. ALL using WATER as the fuel.


“In the Deep Impact data we’re essentially watching water molecules form and then dissipate right in front of our eyes,” said Sunshine, who said her first reaction to the M3 data was skepticism.”

“Deep Impact was not designed to study the Moon, but for a famous 2005 mission in which it successfully knocked a hole in comet Tempel 1 to find out what was inside. Its data on lunar water were obtained as part of calibration opportunities that occurred during June 2009 and December 2007 flybys of the Earth and Moon needed to get adequate gravity boosts to travel on its EPOXI mission to a second comet, Hartley 2, which the spacecraft will encounter in November 2010.”

Just imagine…

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